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Muscular endurance exercises

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 9 (2249 words)
Categories: Exercise
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I have found that over the 6 weeks of the training programme I have improved in all my stations and am very pleased with that. It shows that I have accomplished my target of improving my endurance and also managed to complete my personal targets of being able to do more than 40 sit ups and become faster at the ladder each week. There were no real problems with my circuit, apart from changing short sprints to side steps, but any real issues were overcome and there wasn’t anything that I really struggled with.

I also managed to decrease my recovery rate over the 6 weeks by two minutes.

In the first week it took 6 minutes for my heart rate to return to resting rate and by the 6th session it only took 4 minutes. This is very satisfying. Looking at my results table I can see that there are no anomalies, proving that I recorded my achievements correctly and worked at a constant rate each week.

I managed to reach or beat my target on almost every station each week, which was very fulfilling to see the gradual improvements made each week through setting myself a more difficult target for each station each week.

I am very happy with what I have achieved over the past 6 weeks and hope to keep up my fitness levels and maybe continue improving. Evaluation Planning Evaluation Before I began my training programme, we carried out fitness tests. These consisted of activities that tested flexibility, endurance, strength and power. At the time of completing these tests I believed I did quite well, and although I could still improve in them, I thought that overall I did O. K and was neither fit nor unfit. My ratings in these tests were mainly average and excellent which I thought were good.

The bleep test tested my cardiovascular endurance and proved that I had neither a high level nor a low level. However, I feel that I could improve on my result. I believe my training was exactly right for me and just the correct level. By carrying out all the fitness tests I did, it showed me exactly what I needed to improve on and what level I was at. These tests helped me in my research to select the correct level for my programme. This helped me to improve in all my stations which resulted in improving my endurance overall.

I think 6 weeks was perfect, as at the end I had seen how far I had come and exactly how much I had improved each week. I am very happy with my final result and my training programme has been very good for motivation and determination which is what I also needed more of. My exercises were all in the correct order of endurance. I had one station muscular then the next would be cardiovascular, then muscular and so on and so forth. This was very important as if I had two muscular endurance stations next to one another, this would cause muscular fatigue as the muscles will no longer be able to continue working properly.

It was vital to make sure I had equal muscular and cardiovascular stations to ensure my exercises were in the correct order. I needed to ensure that I did not work the same muscles consecutively and that all my stations were in a suitable and appropriate order. I applied the principle of progression by steadily carrying out more reps each week. I also carried out the principle of overload in my training programme. I aimed to beat my set targets on each station every week carrying out overload. All the activities I did in my stations were correct as they all applied to my specific sport, netball.

They all improved my endurance or muscular strength which will give me the power behind my throws and would enable me to be able to play to my full potential for longer with having better endurance. Exercises like the cones also improved my game in netball as I would be able to dodge opponents and have better sense of co-ordination with the attacking players. Also ball to wall helped me with my power and speed to throw the ball and also my accuracy as I aimed for the same spot on the wall each time which will help my aiming skills.

This improved my performance in netball as I will now have a better throwing aim for other players on my team and more power and strength behind my throw. My training programme has been vital in improving in many different aspects in my game and I feel that I have improved. Performing Evaluation To carry out the principle of progression each week, I set myself a target for every station which was more difficult than I had achieved the week before. By reaching the target set, this showed how I was applying progression into my circuit.

For example, on the first week I set myself a target of reaching the result of 5 press ups, when I actually did 20. I then set myself the target of reaching 23 the next week to enable myself to progress from the week before. My circuit was very easy to set up each week as I didn’t use large or heavy apparatus that took a while to set out. My circuit was easy to manage as each week I would set out a mat for sit ups and press ups. The ladder, a skipping rope, a netball for ball to wall. A bench for ski jumps and step ups and finally I would set out my cones in the order I wanted to ensure I ran in and out dodging each one.

I also made sure that I had two cones with the distance of 8 metres in between for side steps, making my circuit simple, easy and quick to set up and manage. I found it easy to record my progress as I used a recording sheet that explained my targets for each station and allowed me to see whether I had beaten them when I was writing down my results. My exercises were all in the correct order as I had already planned and ensured that I was working on cardiovascular endurance in one station and then muscular endurance in the next.

This guaranteed that my circuit was effective and successful. Over the weeks I did find it tiring and I needed a lot of determination, but at the end when you see how much you have improved it is all worth the effort and energy. You realise that you really have improved and your new skills and abilities show when you play your specific sport which also reflects in other games as well. Whilst performing each week, the first 5 or 6 stations are O. K and you are able to really work as hard as you can.

However, after station 6 I noticed I felt as though I had no energy left and it became very hard to try and work to your full potential. It shows in my results table that each week on most stations I did work to my limit but sometimes I didn’t push myself hard enough and gave up too easily. It has taught me, although it is hard, you do have to push yourself, but in the end it is all worth it. You notice how much you have improved over the 6 weeks when your recovery rate returns to resting rate quicker. It also proves that over the weeks you have become fitter and that is very satisfying.

Overall I think I did my best when it came to performing in my training programme. It is very gratifying when you notice all the hard work was worth it when you see how much you have improved by. Monitoring Evaluation I made sure my exercises were all correct and applicable to my specific sport, netball and that each exercise would help in some way to improve my performance. Without them being exact to my sport, they were of no use in my circuit, so I had to ensure that each one had significance when it came to netball.

I believe all my exercises were the correct ones to chose as each and every one would help me in one way or another within my play of netball. By monitoring my exercises, I can see that they were all in the correct sequence and did not need changing. I could tell this as I was working different muscles alternatively on each station, proving that I did not have to worry about changing the stations of my circuit. I made changes to my programme only after the first week when doing my circuit. This was because I had chosen to do cones, and also short sprints.

Both were very similar I found when it came to doing my circuit, and short sprints were not demanding enough so I then changed this to side steps. All the other activities I was doing I kept the same as they were all different to the rest, and were all challenging in different aspects of my specific sport. The first three weeks of performing were hard and I needed a lot of stamina and strength of mind. I felt as though I couldn’t continue after station 6 and felt as though I had no energy left whatsoever, but staying motivated and determined help me continue pushing myself till the end.

Each week every station became easier which was pleasing as it shows that you are improving. I would say I found the very last session the hardest, as I really wanted to do my best and push myself to my limit to beat every target I had set myself. It paid off as it is very rewarding once you go through your results and see how much you have improved, especially as I never expected to do as well as I did. I thought after the 4th week I would stay the same in most of my stations and not improve anymore. I proved myself wrong.

I believe that if I hadn’t been as determined as I was then I would not have done as well as I did and would have probably stayed the same in many of my activities. Overall I am very pleased with my results and am happy with what I have achieved over the 6 weeks. I hope to continue at these levels and will continue exercising hard to enable myself to achieve this. Final Evaluation By looking at the tests that I carried out before I had even begun my training programme, I can see that by carrying these out again I have definitely improved due to my training programme.

My post test scores explore how I have improved in every aspect of each test. The post tests show how I beat my scores through my six week training programme. Overall my circuit was easy to set up, lay out and complete. It was simple to easily position each of my exercises and to ensure each had the correct amount of space needed. All the equipment I used was easy to check eg. A pumped up ball, correct footwear, no jewellery and a big enough space to work in. Since my six week training programme I have notice many improvements within myself and my performance.

I have managed to accomplish my targets and as a result improve my skills in netball. I have reached my target of being able to have more force behind my throw and this is due to my ball to wall exercise within my circuit. I am very pleased with the results I have gained. I have also been able to dodge more players and run for the ball more due to my increase of endurance. My increase of cardiovascular endurance in netball is due to my exercises in my circuit. It has had a positive effect on my performance and improved my progress. Throughout the six weeks I had my ups and downs.

There were times when I did not want to push myself any further and felt as though I was not achieving anything. However, I realised it was all worth it in the end when I looked back on my results and realised I had really progressed. I was satisfied to see that I had achieved what I had set out to do and increase my performance levels overall by working to my limit. I knew I worked to my limit as I pushed myself as hard as I could in each exercise to ensure I gained the best results at the end of it. I also made sure that I had enough water with me and had eaten beforehand to enable myself to work to my limit.

If I continued with my training programme, I feel that I would not make any changes. I was very pleased with the way my circuit turned out and feel I could make no more changes to it. However, after a few more weeks I feel that my circuit may become tedious and boring. Therefore I would then change the order of my exercises, but still making sure the exercises were alternate from cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance exercises. By changing the order of my exercises it would make my circuit more varied and less tedious.

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