Visiting The National Gallery Museum 

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Going to the National gallery was amazing and it was a nice experience. I saw a lot of art pictures on the walls like portraits, statue, sculpture garden winter. I saw the sculpture, the movie night of museum featured in battle of the Smithsonian. They have a lot of different designs I really didn’t understand. Some had a body standing on a global without a head wearing African print material with shoes on. Also, I saw sculptures without eyes and they had wired head shapes.

I saw four white cubes in the middle center in one room. However, I got see white cotton octagonal by Richard Tuttle. The museum also gives people a quiet place to rest on each end of the gallery on the main floor, it also gives free public Wi-Fi. The gallery can take you two or more hours depending on your interest. But I stayed for two hours touring every single room with pictures and sculptures.

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The few pictures that caught my attention whiles I was touring each room were a portrait of a lady (created by Rogier van der Weyden), Critical Assessments: Woman holding a balance (created by Johannes Vermeer), and The Alba Madonna by Raphael.

First, I will talk about a portrait of a lady created by Rogier van der Weyden because, I like the way he put in details of the portrait and you can also describe it well without knowing the meaning about the picture. That actually caught my eyes because love portrait and paintings.

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The painting illustrates a young woman, in her early twenties, gazing downward with her hands clasped tightly in front of her. She set against a dark background, she takes majority of the panel, situated at a three-quarter turn, with her dramatic creamy headdress drawing the viewer’s eye toward her face. Rogier van der used the following art items to create the portrait: medium oil, wood, and his art movement: Renaissance. The portrait Rogier made seems like he has not omitted a single detail with regards to the subject’s clothing. The woman’s fashionable dress is buckled with a red belt and her two rings glisten from the bottom of the painting. Rogier use of light in the painting source comes from above the sitter and casts a soft luminosity over her without creating large shadows or seeming too glaring. The portrait also shows a mood, tone and emotion. Van der Weyden has portrayed what appears to be this woman’s consternated demureness- her pose is a society-approved one, but her eyes and pursed lips seem to divulge her discomfort with this fifteenth centry feminine role has been cast in.

Secondly, the one I was confused about was Woman holding the balance. It looks like the young woman is delicately holds an empty pair of scales in her right hand. The lady seems to be waiting for someone to balance out before she weighs something, probably gold of coins at the edge of the table. On the table there are some jewels, pearl necklaces and gold chain. I don’t get how on the far wall has a painting of the Last Judgment hanging right while on the left wall facing the woman is a mirror. I looked at the painting trying to figure out the meaning of does two. I think the artist is trying to contrast between the valuable objects on the table, the Last Judgment and the scales, symbols of the judgment itself. He made these two works, as with the present one, depict a young woman in a thoughtful attitude with a domestic interior accompanied by symbolic elements.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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