Jesus CEO: Unveiling Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership

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Laurie Beth Jones is one of the best-known writers of several spiritual books. It could be noted that through the different ideas that she presents in her books, she is strongly able to impact the lives of different people around the world in increasing their capabilities in actually understanding and applying spirituality in their lives. One of her best known books is Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership.

Through this book she was able to make a certain conclusion that Jesus’ teachings as the great teacher actually impacts the systems of leadership that people adapt to regardless of the profession that they are trying to master.

The teachings of Christ have been presented in this reading material as something more practical than that of the formulated process of leadership by psychological studies. This is the primary reason why this particular book actually interests the society, not only the spiritual leaders of the different churches but also the corporal leaders of the different industries in the human society’s commercial systems.

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Analysis of the Author’s Writing Style Constant presentation of Christ’s teaching within the different chapters of the book through a self-examining procedure of asking questions to the readers actually makes this book a fine use for spiritual leaders. The soul-searching procedure used by the author in writing the different basic lessons presented by Christ with regards righteous leadership would actually assist church leaders in assessing their capabilities in actually helping the society return to the righteous ways of God while they are continuously living with the hard to deal with situations brought about by the present living.

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Personal Reflection As a Servant-in-training in a Metropolitan Baptist Church, the author of this review actually sees the book as a major source of knowledge that would indeed equip the reader of the right skills needed in relating to other people and helping them as well in realizing that they need spiritual advancement to be able to attain continuous progress. Most of the time, books such as this type would present spirituality and its relationship with the actual human living in a much more church-like approach.

The writer or the author of this book however presented the informations in a much more practical procedure that would actually help the writer of this review to present several spiritual truths to people in a much practical procedure too. In turn this would actually help in making the author more competent in becoming a servant in training who is able to comprehend with the needs of the people that are being assisted by the Metropolitan Baptist Church. Reference: Laurie Beth Jones. (1996). Jesus CEO : Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership. Hyperion; 1st Pbk. Ed edition.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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