Viktor Frankl’s Book Man’s Search for Meaning

Is really a helpful guide to gain in-depth knowledge of how to deal with matters and view the life events on a better angle. And Simon Sinek’s interview of “Millenials in the Workplace” is important to watch to learn what is the problem of our generation and apply Victor Frankl’s knowledge into the modern day. Therefore, it is important for everyone to recognize and apply these skills to obtain a meaningful and a purposeful life. Because the statistics show that people who are well familiar and equipped with the life skills I mentioned earlier, they tend to live a happier and enjoyable life compared to those who are ignorant.

Victor Frankl, in “Man’s Search for Meaning” mainly talks about the challenges that made him view life on a different angle from the way he used to. The experiences he met in the concentration camps gives an inside scoop of how other people feel about the concentration camps, and how their life changed afterward the experiences and challenges they faced in the Auschwitz.

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Other inmates take consciousness to be all cruel and unfriendly to people like them and decide to concentrate on the negative side of it majorly. While other people like Frankl found a deeper meaning and understanding to the events that were taking place in their lives, they knew how to cope and bounce back to the challenges faced; on the other hand, some people actually lost their minds. On the other hand, in the interview conducted by Inside Quest, Simon Sinek talks about the new generation called the “Millennials.

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” Which is a group of people that are born from the year 1984 and onwards. Sinek describes the Millennials explicitly as being people who are strict to manage, entitled, self-interested, unfocused, and lazy. He goes on to explain that the reason as to why Millennials portray such characteristics is due to four factors mainly; parenting, technology, impatience, and the fourth factor being the environment.

Sinek addresses that the generation of Millennials have grown up in a lousy parenting system where they are continually being told that they are special and that they can get anything in life just as long as they want it. This generation, according to Sinek, has their parents to do almost everything for them and help them achieve things that they have not even worked for, and so this is where the bad parenting comes in since most of the Millennials, according to Simon Sinek, end up becoming significant failures in the real world due to misdirection from their very own parents. Among the problems that the Millenials face is that the generation is growing up with extremely low self-esteem and self-confidence, which are critical factors when finding your passion which leads into your meaning of life to have a happy and meaningful life.

Sinek explains that this specific generation grows up in the social media world, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where the primary objective on such platforms is to show that life is always amazing even when an individual is depressed and facing difficult times. And so, this is where social media comes in, the Millennial generation is so addicted to their mobile phones and the social media since it is really easy for showing how beautiful their life and how brilliant they are in the platforms like Instagram and Facebook. On the other hand, Victor Frankl’s generation did not have an issue with any of the social media related problems. Which really pushed people to do their things in their daily lives instead of doing the things that they are not actually capable of doing but only to put a show on their social media platform.

And yet in the real world, most of the Millenials ultimately do not have any clue how to face and solve their life challenges. Therefore, resulting in a higher percentage of people with awfully low self-esteem with poor social skills and coping mechanism. Also, poor self-esteem is a mojor obstacle for finding our passion or meaning of life that could lead us to a real happy life not just the one on the screen. Logotherapy teaches us that we can criticize ourselves on our potential accomplishments in the future which is a great way of pushing ourselves. Also being this positive in our lives would bring meaningful relationships and friendships along the way.

Unfortunately, most of the Millenials judge themselves by the number of followers and likes they have on their social media pages which pushes them into stress and depressions caused by not knowing how to form deep and meaningful relationships and entirely clinging to technology. By watching Simon Sinek's interview, I could tell that Sinek has gained some of the life skills that are offered and explained in the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” Viktor Frankl. In the book, Frankl addresses identifying and facing the life challenges, and events from a completely different and positive way, regarding one, does not have to complain over some issues just because someone else is whining and arguing about the very same problem. And this is the same idea that Sinek is explaining out to the Millennials, whereby one does not have to live to the pressure of social media and technology all because their generation is doing the same.

Both Frankl and Sinek talk about the art of patience, facing life challenges, solving problems, and forming meaningful and vital relationships with others. These two important persons encourage people not to accept the problems that they are facing due to their current social and economic conditions. Instead, they both argue that in every problem that is encountered there is yet a different and unique way of approaching the matter and solving it. The two respective authors focus more on hard work and taking pride in the results, relatively to lazing around and waiting for things to be done for you.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022
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