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Video games and violence
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As of the month of March 2013, 208 children have been arrested for violence this year (“Each Day In America” 1). Could violent video games be to blame? Some say there is a correlation between the two and others say that violent video games are good for a child’s health and well-being. Based on true statistics on a correlation between violence in children and violent video games, all this controversy over violent video games and behavioral problems is wrong. The…...
Video GameVideo Game ViolenceViolence
Video games cause violence?
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Imagine this, you enter a room, the sound of gunshots ring In your ears, you yell “flash out”, and you storm the room, guns a blazing. You get shot, you’re down, now you re-spawn, to do it all again. Video games have been the blame of a lot of youth violence, yet there was violence before videogames. Video games do cause an effect on youth but not violent effects. The topic, video games are the leading cause of youth violence,…...
Video GameVideo Game ViolenceViolence
Violence Video Game
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Video game is one of the popular medium used by children and young adults. Aside from the Televisin and movie, video game is also used by the public as a way of entertainment. Due to its profound way of entertainment the popularity of video games had increased its rating. Video game is a form of entertainment, which application requires interaction with the person playing it. The use of video game is applicable to all ages, meaning everyone is capable of…...
AggressionChildVideo GameVideo Game ViolenceViolence
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Violence in Video Games and Media
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What are the three strongest reasons to support your point of view Media Habits – Aggressive Attitudes and Behaviors Impact on media violence on kids and young adults on the rise Children and adults alike have become additive Introduction Video games have been in existed since the 1970’s, but it was not until the 1990’s that violent games came of age. Due to the numerous school shootings since the 1990’s, it attracted the attention of nation. Over the years, violent…...
Human NatureVideo Game ViolenceViolenceViolence In The Media
Video Game Violence Speech
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I. Attention Getter: Do you play violent video games? If the answer is yes, then you must be a mass murderer. II. Central Idea: According to the survey you all filled out, a few people are of the opinion that video games can cause violence in those who play them, which is why I'm here to try and dissuade those of that opinion. III. Credibility: Because I am a gamer myself and have come into contact with these ideas about…...
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