Value Essay Topics

Value of tuition reimbursement and extra time in adult learning

Learning is life. We continue to learn as long as we live. In today’s complex world, we often find it necessary to update ourselves, to keep pace with new developments. However learning new skills, organizing knowledge, at times, does not come free. Often, acquiring such specialized knowledge is beyond an individual’s means. To sustain the… View Article

American Civic Values

In America our society has always been a morals run country, from our domestic everyday lives. Our society, groups with different civic values with who have a lot of power on our lives that we live everyday which includes schools and religious groups. There are some individuals who hold our civic values to a higher… View Article

Three Moral Values

1.Happiness With this moral value in mind, I want to have the feeling of contentment with my life, like there’s nothing missing and I have everything I needed. I wanted to be able to say that I’m happy and complete. I consider this as a moral value, because I think that there is nothing more… View Article

Problems of Moral and Social Values

“According to the Greatest Happiness Principle, as above explained, the ultimate end, with reference to and for the sake of which all other things are desirable (whether we are considering our own good or that of other people), is an existence exempt as far as possible from pain, and as rich as possible in enjoyments,… View Article

Business Report of Lenovo

Introduction Lenovo was found in 1984 in Beijing and it is the world’s second-largest PC vendor. According to the last official statistic, Lenovo consolidated turnover of 146.6 billion Yuan and Lenovo employs nearly 40,000 people. Lenovo is a well-known national brand in China and Lenovo is serving customers in more than 160 countries. In order… View Article

All About Vertical Motion

Hey! I know the vertical motion model can be hard, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake. Math is all about using your prior knowledge, plugging it into what you know, to solve for what you don’t know. The vertical motion model is made up of the velocity, and… View Article

Concept of Value Proposition

The concept of value proposition is often used in marketing literature [Anderson et al. 2006, Clarke III 2001]. Value proposition is understood in this paper as a composition of values delivered to customers by a company in order to satisfy their needs. Values are delivered to customers through products or services, other instruments of marketing… View Article

Net Promoter Scores

The Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the percentage of Promoter customers and subtract the percentage of Detractor customers. The following is an example of a net promoter score calculation. 21 customers responded to their satisfaction of Product X on a 0-to-10 point scale. The results were 9,4,7,4,2,0,10,9,3,6,8,7,3,9,8,8,7,9,10,4, and 2. There are 6 Promoters,… View Article

Sentimental Value

“That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only which gives everything its value.” This quote by Thomas Paine is saying that everything we can get our hands on easily is appreciated too much, and that the value of the things we get should be measured by the amount of… View Article

Student’s Report on Family Values Reduced

Slide 1: Good morning teacher. My name is …..I’m come from Viet Nam. I am studying Advance D. My FIN No. is G1139539L. Today I’m going to talk about the decline of family values in society today. Slide 2: Before I start I will show you the outline of my presentation. For the introduction, i… View Article

Why Is Tim Winton’s Novel, Cloudstreet Worthy of Critical Study?

Tim Winton’s iconic Australian novel, Cloudstreet has been highly regarded by audiences as a text of great value. Its resilience is a direct consequence of its ability to appeal to readers regardless of personal context. This is because Cloudstreet explores universal values relevant to modern society. By appreciating and developing a deeper understanding of Winton’s… View Article

Federated Science Fund Negotiation

Summary: This was a multiparty negotiation, which involved 6 players all with very different negotiation styles. It was an exercise in which teams easily form a coalition. There were concessions about the value added each team would bring to the “table”, and my team in a situation of power saw how negatively the other teams… View Article

A Good Filipino Citizen

Music today is very influential to teenagers. Some may even say they cannot live without it. The reason could be because of the artist singing their favorite songs, the beat or instrument used. Or it could be the message of the song. I like music, too. How a song would make me feel, the lyrics… View Article

Gdp Is Not a Perfect Measure of Economic

By definition the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is a measure of the income and expenditures of an economy. Also, it can be defined as the total market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. Base on GDP definition and base on many economist points of… View Article

The Value Chain in my Life

The value chain is a set of processes that create value and can be used not only in the business environment but also in my personal life. When the value chain can help create competitive advantage and improve my performance on the job, parenting, or when I am purchasing or providing a service. The key… View Article

Case Study Alim Leung

1. The terms of the psychological contract at the Atchison Corporation under the leadership of Jerome Atchison are of quality, integrity, and loyalty. Jerome Atchinson expects his employees to produce quality work and create a good environment to work in. Jerome Atchinson also expects his employees to uphold and maintain high integrity; even senior management… View Article

Discounted Cash Flow Techniques

A brief tutorial on Excel financial functions (problems to follow) You may find the following Excel, built-in financial functions helpful when analyzing the problems below. (To access these functions, select Insert, Functions, and choose Financial.) =PV(rate, nper, pmt, fv, type) returns the present value of a series of cash flows. =FV(rate, nper, pmt, pv, type)… View Article

Nec Electronics Corporation (Nece) Case Study

INTRODUCTION In early July 2007, the New York based hedge fund Perry Capital proposed to raise its stake in NEC Electronics Corporation (NECE), the then publicly listed subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate, NEC Corporation, from 4.8 percent to 25 percent. The offering was ¥5,000 a share, at about 60 percent premium. Perry’s investment in NECE traced… View Article

Fedex Corp. vs. Ups Study Case

Set in June 2004, this case invites the student to assess the financial performance of FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service, Inc (UPS). The two firms have competed intensely for dominance of the overnight express package industry. This case is intended for use in an introductory discussion of corporate value creation and its sources. Questions… View Article

Uc-Davis Case

Personal statement (250 words) Your Personal Statement provides an opportunity for you to share perspectives and experiences that you believe will be most informative as the Admissions Committee evaluates your candidacy and writing ability. Before settling in the city, my family was one of those rural families struggling to make a better life. I witnessed… View Article

Edward Marshall Boehm

Edward Marshall Boehm is a company that is all about delivering quality while focusing on Nature. This report will include the vision, mission, SWOT, internal and external environments, and a strategic decision from my team in specific detail. Edward Marshall Boehm had a vision that was different from other businesses. Their vision was, “To capture… View Article

Generational Differences in the Workplace

PURPOSE This article attempts to describe the different age groups composing each of the categories of generations in the current U.S. workforce and their distinguishing characteristics. The piece also seeks to analyze how each group’s differing traits may impact an organization. The main purpose of the paper is to teach management how recognizing these differing… View Article

Customer Value Marketing

This report based on the study of “Customer Value Marketing” starts with introduction section. We have mentioned the contents of the study in objectives of the report section. The methodology section deals with the means of preparation of this report and the processes that we have followed. Then the report describes the theoretical aspects of… View Article

Importance Of Values

Importance of Values 1. Values are guides for our behaviour. 2. It is signi? cant to our life and the society in general. 3. It gives direc? on to our lives. Its value are clear and consistent. 4. Values tell us the importance of people. What things are desirable and sa? sfying. 5. Values are… View Article

Accountability, Responsibility and Respect

Running Head: Accountability, Respresponsibility, and Respect 3 Essay on Accountability, Responsibility, and Respect Among military members and civilians alike, there are personal qualities that determine how you act professionally and also how you act in your personal life. These qualities also determine how other people view you and judge your abilities in both aspects previously… View Article

Morality and Sacrifice

“Sacrifice” is the surrender of a greater value for the sake of a lesser one or of a non value. Thus, altruism gauges a man’s virtue by the degree to which he surrenders, renounces or betrays his values (since help to a stranger or an enemy is regarded as more virtuous, less “selfish,” than help… View Article

Money and Morality

MONEY AND MORALITY: Gifts of eternal truth in moments of the mundane By Cheryl Leis, PhD, Management Consultant/Practical Philosopher As inhabitants of this 21st century Western world, we all have to deal with money. We participate in the world of commerce as a means to obtain those things considered necessities of life. Money plays the… View Article

Roles of Culture in Organizations

What’s the role of culture in modern corporations and how can it be managed effectively? People in every workplace talk about organizational culture and that mysterious word that characterizes a work environment. One of the key questions and assessments, when employers interview a prospective employee, explores whether the candidate is a good cultural fit. Culture… View Article

Positive relationships with children

Develop positive relationships with children, young people and others involved in their care. 1.1 Explain why positive relationships with children and young people are important and how these are built and maintained. It is essential to build positive relationships with children and young people, as the quality of our relationships with children and young people… View Article

Chemistry Concentration and Molarity Lab

I solved for my unknown by plugging in “y” as my given transmittance value, which was 85.0. y = -278x + 100.12 .85 = -278x + 100.12 -99.27 = -278x X = .357M (concentration) The relationship between the transmittance values and the concentration is an indirect relationship. Whenever the concentration increases, the transmittance decreases. It… View Article