Using Cell Phones In School

Technology today is way different from technology then. People then lives were very simple and didn't use as much technology as today. Technology now is used all over the world, just like blooming in the spring. What is the technology and how did it change people's lives? Well, technology is something that can help humans make their life easier and also help invent new things. Technology can negatively and positively impact people. But, today's topic is on why cell phones should be allowed in school.

So, today I will talk about how cell phones can positively impact people's lives. Also, people nowadays all own or can access a device and that's because a lot of people can afford a device.

Having a phone with you at all times is something that everyone should do. This is because what if there is an emergency and you need to call the police or you need to call your kids or parents to check with them to make sure that there not hurt and if it is fine if they go somewhere.

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Let’s say that at your school a stranger is coming towards your school and you have to get to a safe place before he/she hurts one of the students and no one has a phone to get a hold of the police. But have you thought about this? If one of your students had a phone with them they would have contacted the police and it's an efficient way to call the police.

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You can call without any wifi or even if you don’t have a sim card you can still call if it's an emergency. Students having cell phones also means that parents can have an extra layer of security and nowadays parents can use tracking apps such as the Footprints app. It is an app that can track students to see if they are in school or somewhere their not supposed to be. But if their cell phones are turned off and have been put in front of the class near the teacher then, they won't be able to receive the alerts or anything that is an emergency.

Another reason why students should be allowed to bring cell phones to school is that cell phones aren't only for entertainment. They can be used in lots of ways and one way that is not entertaining is that students can use them for educational purposes. Teachers can also use it to monitor the students too, teachers can use an app called Piazza App. It’s an app that can track the student's performance. The teacher will assign them a course on that app and they have to finish the work on the app and hand it to him/her. They can use it for research when they are doing a project and they have no other device to research they can use their cell phones. You can also be used as a calculator or they could use it to watch an educational video teaching them how to do something that they are learning in class but they don’t get it so they try a video to help them to understand it better.

Cell phones are used everywhere so it's pretty hard not to use them whether it is a need or a want. Even if they weren't allowed to have cell phones they still have other technology to use like chrome books and those can be used to check social media too if they search up the social media they want to check then sign in. Also, in the future, they're going to be using it a lot more in their career than they do when they were in school. Why? Well, because almost all jobs involve technology and even if you are not willing to use it you're going to have to. Some examples incorporate hospitals, database administrators, scientists, web developers, and software developers.

The last reason why cell phones should be allowed in school or why they should have one. Cell phones can help students that are shy to start a conversation without face to face. You must think that once they get to know each other they will only continue to text and not talk face to face but, there is something called facetime. Facetime is when you call someone but face to face not audio. If one of your relatives lives far away and you want to stay in touch then you can facetime them.

In conclusion, I think cell phones should be allowed in school. Though I’m not an expert, I still think that it's better to allow cell phones in school. Cell phones can be used for safety reasons, you can use them to contact the police as an example. A cell phone can also be useful for educational purposes. Such as a calculator, researching for a project, and can be used to watch educational videos. Maybe you didn't get something that you learned in class so you use videos to try and help you understand. By the end of this sentence, I hope you agree with my opinion.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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