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UPS Solutions

The website provides lot of information and services that are useful for the individuals when they want to ship their mails, packages across the country or worldwide. For example if an individual wants to deliver a parcel immediately without going to UPS and this would be the right solution for the individual to use the website. Individuals can create a shipment, calculate time and cost, schedule a pickup and find the UPS locations nearby. Individuals can do this by using the computer as well as with the mobile phone. UPS allows the individuals to track their shipment by various means by using the track by number, track by reference, and track by email and by SMS tracking. It allows the customers to track on real time basis by using the website. Small and Large Businesses.

2.Go to the Business Solution portion of the UPS website. Browse the UPS business solutions by category (such as shipment delivery, returns or international trade) and write a description of all the services UPS offered for the categories.

UPS Returns
Manage Returns Better and Improve Customer Experience
Turn your returns process into a competitive advantage with the help of an industry leader–serve your customers better and create value with streamlined returns management and reverse logistics through UPS.

With UPS Returns, you gain greater control and visibility, so you’re never surprised by an incoming return shipment. That perspective can increase your efficiency, let you react more quickly, and positively impact your bottom line. Your customers expect reliable returns, and meeting their needs can increase their loyalty to your business. UPS Returns can help you:

•Ensure compliance by controlling speed and cost of inbound shipments •Minimise mistaken return shipments to the wrong warehouses or repair centers •Create and deliver commercial invoices with return labels to international customers •Forecast volume and adjust staffing around inbound returns •Link shipment information directly into your customer service or warehouse operations •Maximize fast recovery of high-value goods, before they become obsolete •Your company is not billed for the transportation of a UPS Returns package until it is delivered. Shipping Packages

Four Easy Steps to Preparing your Package
It can be exciting when you receive a package, but disappointing if the contents are in less than perfect shape. We’ll show you how to properly box contents and label packages when you ship so your package contents arrive in good condition.

Follow these four steps:
•Choose a box strong enough to hold the contents. That means it shouldn’t have tears, rips, bends, or other damage. You can use your own box or UPS
packaging supplies. Ideally, you’ll want to use a new corrugated box. •Select and use proper cushioning materials for package contents. Wrap items individually and surround them with bubble sheeting and recyclable or foam loose-fill materials. Content should not directly touch the inside of the shipping box. •Securely seal your package. Use pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon reinforced tape that’s at least 2 in./5.08 cm wide. •Properly label your package. Include full shipping instructions such as postal codes, apartment numbers or other information that will help with delivery. UPS online shipping can help you complete your label. Make sure to place the label on top of the package and remove any old labels or cross out old markings. Secure the label and avoid placing it on box seams or tape. International Services

Reaching new customers and providers internationally is easier with an experienced global shipping expert like UPS. Whether you need an economical shipping option or the fastest possible service for urgent shipments, we can provide a solution for international shipments of any size. Is Speed What You Need?

For your shipments that need to arrive as quickly as possible, UPS offers on-time express services, typically with options for morning or end of day delivery. Time in transit typically ranges from one to three days depending on the origin and destination countries. Need an Economical Solution?

For less-urgent shipments, even those that require reliable, day-definite delivery, we have services that offer an excellent alternative for your business. Time in transit typically ranges from two to five days, depending on origin and destination. Making a good first impression is easy with world-class UPS services working for you. Good impressions mean more clients in new markets for your business, and faster growth around the world.

3.Explain how the website helps UPS achieve some or all of the strategic business objectives we describe. What would be the impact of UPS`s business if this website.

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