Selection Process in Human Resources Management

Today, the human resource selection process plays a vital role in the production and performance value business receive by making good hires and the high costs of replacing employees following bad hires. This is especially true for small business. Now the human resource department takes on a more strategic role with hiring and selection. What is selection? Selection is the process of selecting a qualified person who can successfully do a job and deliver valuable contributions to the organization.

The selection process is the strategically planned procedural approach created and implemented by organizations when recruiting and hiring new employees.

This begins when jobs are posted internally and externally however in some cases recruiting tools are used to draw top-qualified candidates for important jobs. Screening tools, such as applications, tests, interviews, background investigations and reference checks are all used during this process.

One area of the selection process that is significant and sometimes under-valued is the development of screening tools. The goal of selection is to employ the applicant who is the best possible match for the job duties which makes using the right selection tools and developing them effectively crucial.

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Thorough job analysis assists HR professionals better align selection tools with the job. In addition to locating the best hire, cost efficiency and legal concerns are two main reasons why the HR selection process is so important. When companies make a bad hire, they pay to train and orient a person who ultimately may cause more harm than good if he performs poorly and negatively affects the workplace.

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The costs to replace a bad hire are astronomical in many industries.

A Society Human Resource Management study showed that even an $8 an hour retail employee can cost up to $3,500 to replace because of the hiring, administrative and training costs involved.

When hiring an employee it is important to find the right person because this will reduce turnover rates and save time and money in the long run. Many employers seek skills and characteristics in the applicant before they qualify for an interview. Some of these include: • Self motivated individuals

• High tolerance for stress
• Positive attitude
• Good communication skills
• Ability to work as an individual and in a group
• Good problem solving skills

These skills and characteristics are highly important because working in a call center is extremely stressful and routine. In addition, you are on the frontline representing the company yet you are unable to see the customer. You must keep a positive attitude and for that reason, your presentation over the phone is vital.

Since the job is based on communication through the phone, a good recruitment practice in the call center would include pre-screening telephone interviews to test out the applicants phone skills.

Once a group of applicants are selected, they are scheduled for an interview with two call center managers or supervisors and Raj, the Human Resource Recruiter. During the first interview process, they are asked about their interests and career goals to get a general idea if they are fit for the job. During the second interview, questions are more in-depth regarding experience, what they can contribute to the company, and their skills. The third and final interview tests their problem-solving skills by giving them scenario questions regarding their job and their ability to share the same corporate culture with other staff members.

In addition, a lot of call centers also use behavioural based tests and interviews that match skills and interests to the unique mix of products and services provided by the company.

Another effective selection and recruitment method they use is the Employee Referral Program. The Employee Referral program offers a costeffective means of attracting applicants, avoiding the need for advertising or agency fees. Also, new recruits who have been recommended by existing employees often come to the company with more realistic expectations and can provide a better cultural fit. At, under an employee referral program, existing staff are offered a cash incentive ($1000) to recommend friends or former colleagues for vacancies within the company. The bonus payments are only made if the recommended candidate is successful in his or her application.

The payments are also typically dependent on a number of other conditions being met. There is a three month probation period which new recruits must complete satisfactorily before the employees who recommended them are paid a bonus. However, there are a number of potential drawbacks. One of the greatest concerns tends to be that relying too heavily on employee referrals could limit diversity in the workplace, with new staff recruited in the likeness of existing employees. But, provided that there is already a diverse workforce in place this ceases to be such an issue.

It is a good idea to keep track your hiring methods to see if they are actually working in hiring the right person. If methods start to become ineffective, you can test out some new recruiting methods that may work for your call center.

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Selection Process in Human Resources Management

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