Unwritten Rules in Society

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How important are the unwritten rules of a society?

Unwritten rules in society are very important because without them there will be chaos and people will solely be interested in pursuing their own agenda without considering its effect on other people in society.

What happens when someone breaks these informal rules?

Unwritten rules govern our actions, they may not be codified but members of society abide by them and it regulates our behavior both in public or private settings. Unwritten rules are perpetuated through observations, imitation and by instruction particularly by our family and teachers and these unwritten rules dictate appropriate behavior, non-conformance to these rules will have serious consequences that are not desirable.

For example, lining up to the cashier to pay for groceries. There is no written rule that say we must line up but we have been taught that cutting into the line is rude and people would be outraged if you do this. Worse case would be, a brawl might ensue because of this behavior.

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As you can see, when informal rules are broken, conflict and discord results.

How would you feel if you were transported to a culture in which you did not know all of the unwritten rules and social norms?

If I am transported to a culture where I am unaware of all the social and unwritten laws, I will not feel comfortable, I will be apprehensive and insecure. I will always fear that I am in danger because there is nothing to guide behavior.

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Also, I would worry if my action would offend somebody or I may embarrass myself.

Thomas Hobbes, a philosopher, said that a society without laws and rules to govern the action of its members would be a dreadful place to live in. This applies to unwritten laws, not just the formal laws that we have. These unwritten laws allow people to arrive at a collective understanding and certain moral codes which would ensure security for all.

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Unwritten Rules in Society

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