TVS Group Companies and Future Business Plans

Iyengar .It is one of India’s largest industrial entities and it epitomizes Trust, Value and Services. Today there are over 30 companies in the TVS Group which employs more than 40000 people worldwide and a turnover in excess of USD 4 billion. TVS having a steady growth, expansion and diversification, commands its strong presence in manufacturing of two-wheelers, auto components and computer peripherals .It also have businesses in the distribution of heavy commercial vehicles, passenger cars, finance and insurance.


TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited

TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited operates through its 3 divisions namely:

  • TVS Motor believes that people make an organization and that its well-being is dependent on the commitment and growth of its people.

    There will be a sustained effort through systematic training and planning career growth to develop employee talents and enhance job satisfaction.

  • TVS Motor will create an enabling ambience where the maximum self-actualisation of every employee is achieved.
  • TVS Motor will support and encourage the process of self-renewal in all its employees and nurture their sense of self worth.
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TVS Motor - Responsible Corporate Citizen

TVS Motor firmly believes in the integration of Safety, Health and Environmental aspects with all business activities and ensures protection of employees and environment including development of surrounding communities. TVS Motor strives for long-term relationships of mutual trust and interdependence with its customers, employees, dealers and suppliers.

Fulfilling Mission and Vision

The group practises its vision and mission by offering innovative and high quality transportation products at affordable prices.

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They also concentrate on producing vehicles at reasonable prices and with features that common people prefer. They continue to expand by making mergers and acquisitions and also entering new markets.

Future plans

By now this brand has created a good image among the ladies segment. They have included many unique features into this scooter to attract more customers. They introduced the upgraded version, Scooty Pep Plus. Thus they increased their profits. But eyeing the ladies segment many companies are producing scooters which brings in a great challenge for this producing product. They can compete with their competitors by upgrading power, creating more body strength, improving fuel efficiency etc.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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