The Major Concern for Fujitsu Group Companies

The major concern for Fujitsu Group companies is to decrease the release of carbon dioxide discharges from all sources including logistics and transportation. Goal for this group is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from ground levels i.e. domestic transport. Starting from domestic levels they expanded their plan to intra-regional and overseas too. Moreover group is giving efforts to 3Rs(Reduce,Reuse,Recycle). Even though targets of Fujitsu group environmental action plan was to reduce co2 emission by 1% every year but in key performance of 2014 co2 emission was decreased by 13%.

They promoted this initiative by making some changes in delivery system and by smartly choosing shape of boxes, which in result will enhance the truck loading efficiency. The bar chart shows the release of co2 from logistics and transportation in three years.It shows fall of 30 tons/100 mill yen in year 2012-13 and drop of 19 in 2014 respectively. On the other hand line graph represents co2 emissions per sales in same years ,it drops by 90 and 30 respectively.

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This group will keep enhancing the efficiency by decreasing truck transportation by consolidation.Another option is to construct warehouses near the factories to lessen the cost of transportation. Apart from this truck loading ifficiency can be increased and lastly producing where consumer is using can lessen the co2 emission. In summarization we can say that number of steps have been implemented by Fujitsu environmental group to boost the energy intensity and they will working in future too.

I strongly agree with the implementations given by the Fujitsu group environmental action plan.

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As this environmental group was given a large geographical area inside and outside country as work plan so they started from very basic level of domestic transport. So they Developed an action plan with coordination of other business partners e.g. Fujistu group green logistics. Inside Japan they encouraged to use rail transport this certainly is part of modal shift initiative. Apart from this another alternatives are choosing relaxed delivery methods and raising the truck loading efficiency,which will decrease the number of trucks.This modal shifting method is being used in international and intra regional transportation too.

In my opinion the good purposals implemented are: Firstly consolidation of factories to one location is the one solution, it will organize the shipments to costumers and will reduce the number of transport vehicles. In return will reduce the co2 emissions. From my point of view the solution which sounds more realistic is wisely choosing shape and size of boxes to improve the truck loading efficiency. So they started using two tier method for it, which increased the truck loading efficiency. Moreover producing where consumers using is another possible option to decrease the co2 emissions. In other words we can reduce the shipping distances by redesigning the routes. In international transport methods we can use modal shift methods e.g. shifting from air to ocean transport . Enviromental burdens can be lowered by giving efforts to 3Rs:Reducing the co2 Emissions, Reusing the stuff or boxes and returnable containers, recycle the cardboards, cushions and other packaging materials. At last I would say all given solutions are working good but more emphasis should be given to enhance truck loading efficiency.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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