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Training and Needs Assessment

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Some employees get a little introduction before they start their new job, and some are learning the job while they are doing it. Right now, the orientation program is decentralized at Mechanical Concepts of Illinois. Most new hire employees are introduced to their role or department only with only 10 minutes of training from their supervisor, with no true orientation to the company, processes, their position, etc. The training and needs assessment results will determine if a centralized new hire orientation program can help employees have a better, more comfortable, and highly productive work environment.

The data acquired will also provide suggestions and recommendation regarding the most effective and appropriate method for an employee orientation, if an orientation is needed. Organizational Needs In order to assess the organizational need as a whole, a six-question survey or questionnaire will be used to determine whether there is a need for developing an employee orientation program. Based on the survey, the HR manager will be able to determine if an orientation is needed, what topics should be covered in the orientation, when the orientation should be delivered, and how the program should be presented.

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The objectives of this survey study are to: 1. Determine if the full-time employees who participated in the survey feel the need for anew employee orientation. 2. Compare the differences of the survey result between the employees who have been working at Mechanical Concepts for less than one year and over three years to gain an equal and fair perspective from various groups.

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3. Determine what topics should be covered in an orientation. 4. Determine when an orientation should be delivered. 5. Determine how an orientation program should be presented. . Provide suggestions and recommendations that allow the HR manager at Mechanical Concepts to organize a new employee orientation program. Hopefully, the HR manager will find this information useful when determining the need for developing an employee orientation program for new employees, organizing the centralized orientation program for new employees and helping new employees become more familiar with their new work environment. Remember that actual needs are not always the same as perceived needs, or “wants”.

HR should look for what the organization and people really need as they may not know what they need, but inevitably may have strong opinions about what they want. Through the survey HR and Mechanical Concepts should then use the collected data in proposing solutions by: * Using the data to make clear and concrete points to find a viable conclusion. * Allow all involved to share the data collected. It is important to provide feedback to everyone who was solicited for information. This is necessary if everyone is to “buy into” any proposed training or organization development plan.

Tasks Needs One thing to consider when deciding if a new hire orientation is needed, is to think about how the tasks specific data that is necessary to acquire through an evaluation program. An evaluation system will help develop a needs analysis creating a new orientation for the future. Some questions that the HR manager and Mechanical Concepts need to address are: 1. What specific things can we do to ensure that new employees will begin to know their co-workers without feeling overwhelmed?

2. What special things (desk, work area, equipment, and special instructions) can we provide to make new workers feel comfortable, welcome and secure? 3. How can we make the new employee feel valued by the organization? 4. How can we provide personal attention and let new employees know that they are important to the work team? The responses from the current employees will help the organization know how employees feel about their work environment. This will give the organization an idea of whether the employees received the skills, nformation and care they needed for their roles from the orientation. An ongoing evaluation not only improves employee performance, but also organization performance overall. Personal Needs A well planned new employee orientation program can reduce turnover and save lots of money for an organization. By following specific steps, Mechanical Concepts can reduce both permanent and part-time employee turnover and at the same time quickly prepare new employees for their new jobs. In turn, this will improved customer service, higher productivity and improved relations.

Other benefits for the employees and MCOI will develop. By offering an orientation Mechanical Concepts will start to see improved safety, reduced penalties, improved communications, and affirmations from new employees of having joined the right organization. In reference to personal needs of a new hire, their needs will be met right away with the orientation. Some of the ways in this will occur are: 1. New employees need to be introduced to the organization. An introduction and explanation of employees’ positions and responsibilities is a basic need that requires some sort of fulfillment.

It will be hard for the new employees to make a solid impact if they do not understand the basic mission, function, and strategies of the organization. The employee orientation is also great chance to establish personal connections and working relationships. 2. An orientation program helps instill company values. An employee orientation program help the new employees understand the culture of an organization. Orientation can be considered the best time to illustrate and encourage organizational values, such as customer service, quality, efficiency, and innovation. 3. New employee orientation helps reduce anxiety.

An orientation program helps new employees adapt to the new work environment faster, and the program allows them to calm their nerves and feel more comfortable with their new position and duties as well as establish expectations and required goals. 4. Employee orientation provides an efficient way of completing all necessary paperwork. There are forms required from new employees when they are hired. It is easier for the Human Resources people to explain the forms and manage the paper flow during the orientation program. 5. Orientation programs provide a forum for an interactive exchange of information.

An orientation provides a greater involvement and open communication for the employees. The new employees should be encouraged to ask questions. 7. An orientation program promotes teamwork. An orientation is like the first day of a class. Providing an orientation is like creating an informal buddy system. New employees may feel more comfortable to share their experiences and ideas with each other. If the new employees are in different departments, they can also be introduced to their co-workers in order to help answer the constant flow questions.

Through a needs assessment, and the current situation of high employee turnover and poor employee morale, this analysis should show that a well-planned and organized employee orientation program will help all new employees adjust to their new organization faster which in turn, will bring many benefits to Mechanical Concepts. If an organization can provide an employee orientation based on the understanding of who (the target audience), what (the topics), when (the delivery time), and how (the delivery methods) of an orientation, it will increase employees’ motivation and production and decrease organizations’ turnover and training dollars.

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