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Training Needs Assessment

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Training and developing the workforce is an important activity for any activity. Before conducting a training program, organizations should conduct training-needs assessment. It will help the organization in identifying what training the employees have, what they’ll need now, and what will they need in the future. In other words, the needs assessment will help in identifying who needs the training, and what kind of training is needed. A needs assessment is conducted on three levels – organizational analysis, task analysis, and individual analysis.

The organizational analysis looks at the training needs of the organization as a whole.

It looks at how the changes in the macro environment affect the organization and what kind of training will be needed. In task analysis, training assessment about a job is made so as to achieve optimum productivity. In the end, individual analysis breaks down the need for each individual employee as to what kind of training he’ll need. (Barbazette, 2006) Conclusion We have identified numerous areas of HRM relating to labor relations, employee management and global HR that would be helpful to a small manufacturing plant.

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These are the core HR concepts that must be implemented in every organization.

We’ve also identified how to prepare for collective bargaining process, and drafted a plan as to how to reduce accidents and stress on the plant floor. In conclusion, human resource management is very important for any kind of organization – big or small. Even small manufacturing plant must know how to motivate its employees. It should also keep in mind their training needs, how to evaluate them, and their incentive plans.

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Lastly, it should also be aware of the equal employment opportunity laws that are required by law.


Barbazette, J. (2006). Training Needs Assessment: Methods, Tools, and Techniques. Washington D. C. : Pfeiffer.

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