Trademark Encroachment Case

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In a progressing trademark encroachment case, the Zhejiang High Court expelled the encroachment association’s gatekeeper reliant on its enterprise accomplishment, rebuffed it for declining to expose its data and allowed damages to the aggravated gatherings which far outperformed quite far.

The courtroom held that the respondent association’s bit of the pie and consumer base got from its predictable trademark encroachment works out; surrendering its watchman would as such no ifs, ands or buts urge trademark infringer to sidestep liabilities with the aid of expanding the dimension of encroachment, free legit irregularity of the Trademark Law.

Further, the court located that the disputant ought to bear the ominous outcomes of its refusal to understand the heaviness of proof and allowed the insulted gatherings RMB3.5 million – a ways outperforming past what many would reflect onconsideration on feasible gave below the 2001 type of the Trademark Law.


3M has two chosen 3M emblems (884963 (October 21, 1996) and 5966501 (March 7, 2010)) in Class 17, used one at a time on “pitiful sheets or strips created utilizing retro-savvy materials” and “retro-smart plastic film, other than for squeezing (to enhance and bolster penetrability and prosperity)”.

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3M China Limited, a reinforcement of 3M, is authorized by means of 3M to use the 3M logos in China and has been manufacturing and scattering vehicle retro-wise stepping things when you consider that 2004.

On December 16, 2005, Changzhou Hua Wei Advanced Material Co, Ltd (Hua Wei) suggested the 3N trademark in Class 19 for appointed product covering luminescent sheet and clearing. The trademark software was first off supported by using the China Trademark Office (CTMO) on December 23, 2008.

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On May 27, 2009, 3M Company recorded confinement towards the 3N mark. On August 3, 2011, the CTMO embraced the enlistment of the negated engraving, anyway only for express items. Hua Wei stepped forward earlier than the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB). On July 29, 2013, the TRAB rejected the determination of the 3N mark, alluding to the prior enlisted trademark 3M in Class 19. Hua Wei did now not ask for.

On November 27, 2013, 3M and 3M China archived swimsuit against Hua Wei and its adjoining shipper under the attentive gaze of the Hangzhou Intermediate Court on the grounds of trademark encroachment, looking for:

  • a court request to quit introduction and arrangement;
  • damages of RMB5.1 million (which 3M and 3M China later raised to RMB13 million);
  • and another RMB200,000 to deal with the realistic charges of halting the encroachment works out.

With all due regard, Hua Wei ensured that:

  • its 3N engraving dislike the 3M mark;
  • in context on the range and stage of its use of the 3N mark, in a similar way as of the really worth refinement between the two associations’ things, an unfaltering commercial enterprise region solicitation had showed up and the sizable open may want to besides a doubt pick out the two engravings;
  • and it had no cognizant goal to misuse the recognition of the 3M mark, as its 3N engraving incorporated the initials of its company viewpoint – “New Concept, New Technologies, New Products”.

As wants be, there had been no shamefulness on Hua Wei’s part.


The extensively appealing court issued its decision on June 30, 2015, confirming trademark encroachment, bringing up the distributor to in a timely fashion give up good deal (creation having lately halted) and bringing up Hua Wei to pay RMB3.5 million to the affronted gatherings.

The courtroom eliminated Hua Wei’s opposition, discovering that the 3M trademark had a abnormal circumstance of eccentricity and reputation. It in like manner watch the 3M engraving to be ostensibly similar to the 3N mark, and that consumers were presumably going to frustrate Hua Wei’s 3N things with these of the affronted gatherings (or if nothing else to count on a precise connection between them). Further, the court determined that Hua Wei’s shows had been needless to say conscious, staring at that Hua Wei had in no way propelled the alleged adage “New Concept, New Technologies, New Products” for its 3N trademark.

On September 9, 2015, the Zhejiang High Court saved up the integral event decision. The court docket opined that if Hua Wei’s bit of the normal business and present buyer base – in mild of its trademark encroachment work out – had been to be considered as a massive protect towards an encroachment ensure, this would in certainty “ask trademark infringers to avert liabilities via enlarging encroachment scales, which undeniably invalidates the definitive cause and undermines the goal of the Chinese Trademark Law”.

In conculsion, the courtroom held onto comparable deduction as that of the fundamental event court docket and mentioned Hua Wei to compensate the affronted gatherings for RMB3.5 million.

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