What are the three qualities a nurse must possess to be successful her field?

Everyone aims to attain success in their career; however individuals in every field need to work hard and to work with dedication in order to achieve their targets in life. Strictly talking about being successful in the nursing field, a nurse must possess certain qualities in order to become successful. One of the most important qualities a nurse must possess is patience as patience is essential in order to become a perfect nurse. This is because a nurse has to be very caring and they should understand the feelings of the patients in order to help them cure quickly.

Even if a patient is very ill, he would feel a lot better when he will be treated with patience and for this the nurse must have a calm nature instead of being aggressive. Besides this, the other quality that a nurse must possess is the ability of multi tasking i. e. the ability to complete many tasks at one time. They must also have a good knowledge of medicine, however it is also essential for the nurses to maintain a balance between compassion and they must not get too close to their patients but should focus more on fulfilling their professional objectives.

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Being a team play is also important and a nurse should try not to show his or her emotions or to react according to their mood when they are serving the patients. A nurse must smile when she feels like crying or to remain quiet when she feels like screaming, moreover nurses must also have the stamina to work for long hours and must always be gentle and understanding.

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They must understand the fact that the patients also have feelings like the nurses have and they also expect to be treated well. Although the job of a nurse is very challenging but it is indeed a rewarding career to opt for. (Shi, 2006).

Updated: May 19, 2021
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