Caustic Soda Acidic

There are bunches of mechanical uses of Caustic Soda. Acidic Soda is utilized as a reactant for the course of action of other sodium items which continue as center or last items. Sodium Hypochlorite is an occasion of such last or completion result of sodium part which is utilized as Bleach for residential reason and furthermore utilized as sanitizer, sterilizer, purifier or disinfectant. While Sodium Phenolate is an occurrence of such an equidistant which is include for the establishing of antibacterial items and too use for the creation of Aspirin.

It is additionally include really taking shape of Soaps and Surfactants utilized in cleansers or washing powder and furthermore use in Textile industry to wipe out concealment or hindrance. In the treatment of scoured material and to build sparkle and shade assimilation it is use as Bleach.

Caustic Soda Liquid

The procedure utilized for the assembling of Caustic Soda Liquid monetarily is the electrolysis of salt water in the electrolyte cells where 31% layer grade and half Rayon grade Caustic Soda Liquid is produced.

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Caustic Soda Form

The procedure utilized for the automated of Caustic Soda is the evaporating of liquid Caustic Soda result for anhydrous condition and a while later transformation into solid or else flakes structure.


  •  In material preparing
  • In assembling of cleanser, cleaners
  •  In assembling of mash and
  • In Rayon manufacturing plant
  •  In vegetable ghee and cooking oil
  •  In fertilizer industry
  •  In Pharmaceutical products
  • In creation of dairies and refreshments
  • For filtering the water


Arrangement of Sodium Hydroxide is a reasonable item synthetically.

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Weaken thorough arrangements of harsh soft drink use with incredible consideration. Utilize legitimate gear for its utilization.

 Sodium Hypochlorite

In wide arrangement of utilizations Sodium Hypochlorite is utilized, where its solid properties are use to pass on innovative and business advantage. At the point when vaporous chlorine is gone through a well-cooled arrangement of weaken Caustic Soda then Sodium Hypochlorite is delivered.


  • In bleaching of floor covering washing, material industry and paper
  •  In the treatment of waste water and drinkable water
  • Use for treatment of pool water
  • Use for preparing and cooling tower treatment
  • Use for cultivating


Sodium hypochlorite is known an incredible oxidizer. In concentrated structures Sodium hypochlorite arrangements (over 40% weight) can turn into the reason for consuming the skin and harming eyes. So sodium hypochlorite must be kept firmly closed and in a cool vaporous spot.

Liquid Chlorine

You use Chlorine in some structure, in drinking water, reading paper, putting on the waterproof shell, cleaning teeth or driving vehicle. By not utilizing Chlorine, the life of present day period would be impractical. Creation of different synthetic compounds, by and large, relies upon Chlorine. It is utilized in appropriate percentages in different purposes for example 60% used in Commercial chemistry, 85% usage in Pharmaceutical chemistry and 95% usage in Agrochemical chemistry.

Treatment of water

Synthetic compounds, PVC, Detergents, Medicines, and cultivating Chemicals items are delivered with Chlorine by utilizing it as crude material. For making water alright for drinking Chlorine is utilized straightforwardly for this reason.


It is stuffed in exceptional steel cylinders having a limit of 100 Kg and 900 Kg.


  •  Utilize for water treatment
  • In preparation of board and paper
  • Underway of Polyvinyl carbon
  • In the creation of medications
  • In the results of herbicides, bug sprays and fungicides


Wash cautiously in the wake of utilizing. Try not to breathe in vapors. Keep it at ventilated zones. Open the cylinders cautiously and not expend it inside.

Hydrochloric Acid

HCL is to a great extent use in the assembling industry after H2SO4. The blend of the Hydrogen Chloride Gas and water is called Hydrochloric Acid. Whenever Chlorine and Hydrogen consume then the Hydrogen Chloride Gas is gotten from it. It is moved in M.S. Hard Rubber-lined Road Tankers which have limit of 10-30 Metric Ton through plastic drums.


  • In Materials Industry
  • In Steel industry
  • During the time spent pickling Metal
  • Medications
  • Rubber Industry
  • Plastic


HCL have to be put away in a cool, dry, very much ventilated spot. To control safe from physical harm, HCL ought not be kept in direct daylight, warmth and water.

Bleaching Earth

Bleaching Earth is utilizing for de shading of fats, vegetable oil and mineral oils from numerous years. In Pakistan, ICL is the founder of the Acid Thermal Activated Bleaching Earth. It is accessible in the bundling of 25 kg plastic packs.


  • Bleaching Earth utilized for the bleaching of:
  • Edible products
  • Lubricants
  • De shading the fats
  • In detergent fabricating
  • De shading vegetable oils


Maintain Bleaching earth in that area that must be covered but should be airy.

Chlorinated Paraffin

CP is straight-chain hydrocarbons which are assembled by length of their carbon chain as short, medium, long and level of chlorination accessible in it. These are not solvent in water in light of the fact that having extremely low vapor weight and high thickness.

Chlorinated Paraffin is balanced, plain in shading, and having yellowish shading. CP isn't dissolvable in water.


Chlorinated Paraffin utilized in:

  • Poly vinyl carbon
  • Paint
  • In Rubber industry
  • In the lubricant industry
  • In leather assembling


Chlorinated Paraffin is packed in drums not more than the capacity of 250 KG.

Zinc Sulphate

Zinc Sulphate is white in shading and as powder. It is dissolvable in water.


It is gather in plastic bag having the limit of 10 Kg.


  •  In fertilizers industry
  • In Animal food
  • In chemical industry
  • In textiles processing
  • In Urea


Must wear appropriate clothes and gloves which oppose against the synthetic compounds. Stay away from its skin contact. For use again clean the clothes and defensive devices cautiously. Compartments ought to be put away at airy spot.

Barium Sulphate

Barium Sulfate is a gem and in types of nebulous powder which is exceptionally difficult dissolvable in ethanol, acid and water. It is gather in plastic bag having the limit of 25 Kg.


  • Use in textile industry.
  • Use in pottery and enamel industry.
  • Use in plastic industry.
  • Use in cement industry.
  • Use in rubber industry.
  • In paper Industry.
  • Use as cathode expansion agent in storage batteries.
  • Use in the luster.
  • Use in paint industry.


Have to to be kept in a dry and in the vaporous zone yet should be secured.


Updated: May 19, 2021
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