Marketing Plan for Jones Soda Company

Administrative Outline

Jones Soda Company (JSC) is a free Canadian organization for drink producing that was begun by Peter van Stolk in 1996. It’s one of a kind style was confirm by its utilization of containers that looked like great lager bottles and by estimating higher than for customary soda pops. Despite its little size, the organization has appreciated colossal accomplishment in the soft drink advertise. Be that as it may, much the same as some other drink producer, the Jones Soda Company needs to keep reexamining the haggle up with new item to meet changing client needs.

To accomplish this, Jones Soda has thought of a wellbeing drink to be showcased to people in general.

Mission Statement

JSC is an authorized to produce various kinds of beverages to consumers not alone in Canada but to other countries too. The JSC is will bundled in exemplary brew packaged similarity. Jones soft drink soda is a natural squeeze that that takes care of the expanded demand for solid beverages in the market.

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The company also could meet the demands in the market, they also focus on the needs of the customer and the product should be in market for them.

Consumer Analysis

According to Evanson (2012), the market stats shows that an increase in population lead to pay more for beverages as they can be sure it is an organic drink. Stevenson (2011) attests, is imperative in the showcasing of normal natural, tasteful and relates to their way of life drink claiming the generation of such beverages is progressively costly instead of the synthetic juices and this is an essential factor claiming the costs for the item need to meet the creation costs and the overall revenue.

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Market Analysis

Jones Soda Company has one target in marketing over the soft drinks that to clear the market blockades. They have stay loyal to their customers also to the other opposing market companies. Wilson (2009) asserts, according to consumer insights, a great number of Canadians are loyal to specific brands and find it hard to change from one brand to another. In any case, Jones Soda will have the capacity to beat this issue since it will be focused to the more youthful individuals who are all the readier to investigate more potential outcomes. This will anyway not be a total favourable position because once these clients have changed to Jones Soda sodas, the test will be to make them faithful clients as the item develops.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is the strategy like in which company uses a set of marketing tools to meet their objective. Jones Soda Company used the same strategy as they the salesmen and also, they advertised some ads on television and Internet. By promoting their product, they reach their customers very fast. They have mainly target the teenagers. The company is also known for its uniquely flavored drinks which they offer on the special events. Likewise, Green apple soda, Orange and cream and Cane Sugar Soda respectively shown below.

Green Apple is a flavor tug-of-war between sweet and tart. It's got just the right amount of pucker, and not to brag, but it holds the Mario Kart high score at your cousin's house. Sometimes affectionately called Gr'apple, Green Apple has a 4.0 GPA and has recently taken up hockey. They say you never know what you've got until it's gone but you never have to worry about that, because Jones Orange & Cream will always be here for you. It wants to hear about your dreams, your hopes and how your day was. Jones Orange & Cream is made with natural cane sugar and it loves you, almost as much as you love it. Cream Soda gives great advice, always returns your DVDs when it borrows them and is sweet, crisp and refreshing like a new pair of socks. Don't call Cream Soda 'old fashioned,' though, it prefers the term 'dignified' or 'too legit to quit.' Cream Soda has been thinking lately about becoming a notary public.

Market Summary

The Company focus on the lifestyle of the consumers who wants products according to their choice and must be classy in nature. As the company founded in 1996, the earning constant profit with the passage of time, till yet.



It's another simple to recollect name with a young fun look to it. Glass jugs will draw in individuals who have faith in reusing and keeping the world green. Clients inspire an unexpected fortune to anticipate. They can select what they like most. The taste of their drink is also their strength as they had kept the secret of taste like Coca Cola.


The Company must face competition against the major companies that have been selling beverages from a long duration like Coca Cola and PepsiCo. Jones soda has not reached over the worldwide market. They have less investors now too. Earlier there was deal between the company and Starbucks but later on the Starbucks end this deal and stop selling the soda.

According to the tax department of US the company have to pay a lot of taxes within the region and also to export their products globally.

As Corn syrup, a well-known sweetener used in soft drinks for flavor has become expensive due to its demand, so they switched to cane sugar.


The company getting their potential back as they started to explore more drinks and they must give competition to opposing soft drinks. These days they are distributing their drinks in the Western Canada. This might be good time for JSC to come back to its roots.


As we know in the soft drink market there are big companies like Coca Cola and PepsiCo which are the top manufacturer of beverages across the world. And these days people are mostly over the Coca Cola because of their special taste of drinks and their products over the special events.

People mostly prefer diet coke over the cane sugar soft drinks as it doesn’t cause any harm to their health.


  1. They want to give first class service to all their customers.
  2. They respect all.
  3. They respect all the cultures as their soft drink doesn’t contain anything which may disrespect any culture religious practice.
  4. Determined for their excellence.

The accomplishment of JSC will rely on productive advertising correspondence depending on quality basic leadership by the executives on the coordination of the distinctive segments of the special blend.


The way of life that JSC pulled in is that of more youthful purchasers, from tweens to secondary school graduates, the individuals who delighted in the coolness of the one of a kind and extraordinary and who appreciated choices be they in games or different interests. They also appeal their customers to collect the labels to win prizes this may also attract the people to buy for greed of winning such a big prize.

Key Success Factors

To Succeed in the market, they have to drop new soft drink every time whenever a new soft drink is coming over next in market from opposing side. William (2010) says, has been caused by the expanding medical problems and the expanding efforts by the health association requesting that the general population be progressively chivalrous of the sort of beverages they take, particularly made beverages. This shows a decent market for natural beverage and people in general will just need to confide in the item.

Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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