Marketing Plan for a Pest Control Company

Executive Summary: One of the major tasks that need to be recognized by a pest control company is to create awareness among the business firms and the residents and to improve on the market offerings and services to deal with the problem of pests. The pests could include the rat control at domestic premises, bird control, household and nuisance pests which include cricket, ants, cockroaches, beetles; animal pests which include mice, snakes, stray dogs and cats; disease vectors like spiders, moths, bees, mosquitoes etc.

The company should highlight its profile and indicate its presence and communicate to the target audience that they offer the pest control services at competitive prices than other service providers. Based on the customer satisfaction survey conducted it was clear that the level of satisfaction was lower and the areas which required improvement was in the follow up service, provide more detailed information about the product and allow better and faster response time. Thus the pest control company has to regularly carry out surveys on satisfaction and the needs and wants of the target groups.

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Environmental Analysis: The marketing plan needs to get insight into the health and environmental safety looking towards appropriate pest identification and its management along with concern towards storage of the pesticide, transportation, its usage and the disposal factor. The pest control company should identify and create awareness of the reduction of pesticide usage and to enhance the protection of the environment with minimum contamination of the environment by being economical which is possible only if the company identifies efficient pest management and control techniques there by complying to the necessary regulations and the laws.

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SWOT Analysis: The opportunities and threats which the pest control company will face are the probable dimensions and changes that the market will be affected by, the competitive forces and the buying dynamics of the consumers and identification of the target audience are the crucial factors which need to be considered and tapping upon the un-noticed market segment by keeping the eyes open and being focused.

The weakness would be in terms of the double-income household sector whose availability and access to is difficult for the companies to approach during their business hours. Another weakness the company faces is on the pricing strategy where in based on the differences in the climate from place to place, the price will be fixed upon.

Marketing Objectives: The pest control company’s main objective should be to define their target segment which could be the private house owners, private landlords, and private tenants, local business houses by increasing awareness among them by implementing a strong marketing and communication plan on the measures of pest control service that will help in protecting the goods, property, environment and public health from pests. The firm should also try to enhance upon their professionalism to ensure customer focused service and increase the customer satisfaction levels. Improve value for money and generate higher income for business houses or pest control service providers by not compromising upon the highest quality within the limits of the budget and the financial constraints.

Marketing Strategies: In order to hatch upon a good marketing plan the pest control company needs to learn the fine art of selling their services. The firm initially can start with cross marketing which involves educating the present clients or customers about the added offerings so that no extra costs are incurred on marketing and the existing clientele will indeed help in getting most of the business. The firm will focus upon the current marketing channels and adopt a concentrated marketing effort which includes websites,   advertisements, logos on trucks, making a thorough presentation to the target audiences by identifying the right kind of message that needs to be positioned in their minds. Some additional strategies that could be adopted are:

Use Traditional methods: Market the add-on services on the yellow pages of the directory, running on newspaper or radio ads or leaflets / flyers or billboards.

Network Marketing: This is a strong marketing technique which deals with reaching out to the references provided of other businesses or house owners by either distributing postcards and leaflets and coupons to every customers irrespective of their need so that at least when they spread the word of mouth publicity is guaranteed.

Personal Approach to train and demonstrate the masses: Setting up meetings, workshops, presentations, seminars with the prospective clients at various clubs and organizations would depict the authenticity of the marketing approach.

Need Identification and Be Focused: The Company should identify on its own if any group of the target market require the pest control mechanism to be implemented which will give a positive impressions to the audiences that they will be provided with proper after sales support.

Encouraging to have ones own website development for creating awareness with full of content and information can make the online business advance in its sales margin, provide wider choices to the consumers and deal with those who encountered lots of confusion by projecting strong messages with a catchy brand name and servicing their queries 24/7.

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Marketing Plan for a Pest Control Company

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