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Theory Analysis Dead Poets Society

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The Marxist theory targets the flaws in capitalism where the bourgeoisie, who are rich owners, are able to control the proletariats (working class). According the Karl Marx, the bourgeoisie can control education, politics, media, etc due to their wealth. Due to the inequality, Karl Marx predicted that the proletariat would start a revolution. Karl Marx believes that capitalism leads to commodification where society only cares about impressing others and conspicuous consumption.

Karl Marx believes that communism would make the bourgeoisie and the proletariat equal so people wouldn’t determine their lives based on their economic circumstance.

The Marxist theory proves that in the Dead Poets Society the capitalist system does not work in the school because of Neil’s irrational action to commit suicide. If the school had run in a communist approach, Neil could have easily expressed his feelings about acting towards the principle and his father.

The students and parents took on the role of a proletariat by following the professors’ orders while the professors and Neil’s father took on the role of a bourgeoisie.

Interpellation had also occurred within the movie because the parents and students were taught to believe from professors that success is only achieved through only studying. As Karl Marx predicted, the students had started a revolution by getting on their desks to rebel against the professor.

I enjoyed watching the feminism criticism presentation because the presentation targets that the Dead Poets Society was only revolved around“ a masculine point of view. I found it interesting because they were able to find that the female characters followed the stereotype of being quiet and always listening to others.

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As well, I felt that they were accurate that females were viewed as a sexual object because there was a scene with an image of a nude woman. This criticism can be compared to Marxist theory because if everyone lived in a communist approach everyone including females would be able to treated in live equally.

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