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Dead Poets Society

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In the season of autumn, A shy and terrified student was enrolled to an all-male senior high school at elite boarding school Welton Academy named Todd Anderson. He is assigned to as roomates of the one most promising student at Welton Academy, Neil Perry, and as his roomate Todd is rapidly establish a set of friends even if he constantly told that he has “big shoes to fill”, Neil circle of friends to be exact specifically Richard Cameron, Steven Meeks, Knox Overstreet, Charlie Dalton and Gerard Pitts.

It was their first day of class when they are shock to found out that their new English teacher is Mr Keating whose goal is to encourage students to make their lives extraordinary, explaining them that life is too short so they should seize the day because every seconds of the day counts and to leave a legacy of “carpe diem”.

In spite of the esthos of Welton Academy where living a traditional, Honor, Discipline and Excellence Mr Keating wants his students to live their life as if we all are dying.

He also teaches inspirational lessons including standing in the desk in front of the class and telling his students to look at life from different perspectives. Telling them to rip out the page of the book which explains how to rate a poetry. Walking in the courtyard to encourage them to be individuals.

When Neil Perry discovers that Mr keating was one of the member of the unsanctioned and secret “Dead Poets Society”.

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Neil suddenly plan to restart the so called club and every night Neil and his friends went outside the campus without any permussion to do so and go to the cave where they express their thoughts on writing a poetry and read it aloud infront of the club but because Todd does not want to read and write poetry, Neil then ask him to write the minutes of the meetings. Meanwhile Neil founds his real passion for acting and wins the local production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, regardless of the fact that his father does not want him to pursue a carter in the theater but to pursue a medical course. He then went to Mr Keating to ask some advices he could use in his current situation and Mr Keating wants him to go out of the shell to pursue want he wants and to tell his father why he loves it and make him understand that each one of us has our own kind of talents and wants, but unfortunately Neil Perry lied to Mr Keating.

It is the night of the theater when everyone is excited including Neil Perry to perform in his first exposure in acting, they were lots of people who enjoy it and at the middly of the performance Neil’s father pop up in the event where he perform and found out that his son disobeyed him in his rules. Neil’s Father see’s the people who are very proud of neils acting but then again that is not the career his father wants to get. He scolded Neil for not following what he wants and telling him what can he get in his talent but neil couldnt talk any word except for nothing. In that night when Neil’s parents are asleep while he felt in his lowest part of his life because of what happen. He couldnt find any solution but to commit suicide. Everyone is sad about what happen especially the “Dead Poets Society”.

The school immediately conducts an investigation of what is happening as per request to the Perry family. Richard cameron tells Nolan the principal of the school that it is entirely Keating’s fault he even names his fellow members in the “Dead Poet Society”. Charlie confronts his fellow members but Cameron couldnt urge but to punch Charlie’s face for blaming Mr Keating and that makes

Cameron is expelled in the school. The members of the “Dead Poets Society” signed the letter and so Mr Keating is fired and Nolan takes over teaching in his class but suddenly keating interrupts the class to get some personal things in his desk when he is about to leave in the class Todd bravely stand in the table and so half of the class also did and saluting with the words “Captain! My Captain!” then shouts that they were force to sign the letter and that it wasnt his

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