The War of 1812 and It`s Consequences

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The United States navy did a lot better than the army, compared to the British. They were more skillful and were aided by better leaders. They also had better gunners. A naval officer named Oliver Hazard Perry beat the British in a battle on Lake Erie. The American Navy excellently proved to be better and superior to the British navy. The U,S, navy was very successful in the fight for Canada.

I believe that the United States did not fight the War of 1812 effectively.

This is because they had a bad defense. The British burned the capitol which ruined the economy. This war was a waste of time, money, resources, and an unnecessary loss of men. Even though the British caused so much damage, the U.S. flag was still standing.

The Treaty of Ghent was not advantageous to the United States because it was essentially an armistice. The both sides just agreed to stop the conflict and to restore the conquered territory.

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The Hartford Convention was a convention of federalists to discuss their discontent and seek redress for their wrong doings. A minority demanded separation but most just wanted financial aid from George Washington to make up for the lost trade and proposed constitutional amendments.

The long term effects of the War of 1812 were that other nations developed a new sense respect for America's fighting prowess since they used to see the U.S. as weak. The Federalist party was dissolving and treaties were made with the Indians.

After the War of 1812 nationalism surfaced because the school textbooks were now being written by Americans for Americans.

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This shows how Americans were doing things that they felt were best for their country. The Bank of America was revived which shows how united the Americans are. The army also expanded to 10,000 men which shows how many men want to fight for their country.

There are many way that nationalism could be seen in the politics and economics of the post-war years. For economics, you could see it when Americans took pride in booming manufacturing factories. They also became very angry by the British when they had lower prices to try to crush Yankee factories. The Erie Canal was also a big thing.

James Monroe's presidency was an Era of Good Feelings because he continued the Virginia Dynasty and he was not as powerful and great as the previous presidents. He was an experienced and level headed executive with a talent for translating popular interests.

The causes of the Panic of 1819 include the Bank of America. The Bank of America had to force western banks to the wall and foreclosed mortgages on lots of farms. The effects include bankruptcies, bank failures, unemployment, soup kitchens, and many more. The Bank of America negatively affect the U.S. economically.

The factors that led to the settlement of the west in the years following the war was the Homestead Act of 1862. One hundred and sixty acres of public land was given to individuals who met certain qualifications. And also the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862. It was created to provide support for state colleges.

Missouri's request for statehood was so explosive because Missouri was a slave state. If Missouri became a state, then slave states would have more votes which some people saw as unfair. So the Tallmadge amendment was passed and it stated that no more slaves can be brought into Missouri and provided emancipation of children of slaves and this angered the southerners.

The quote, 'Neither the North nor the South was acutely displeased, although neither was completely happy.' means that neither that the North or South needs were not completely met, but they could still live with it.

The Southern and Northern settlers of the Old Northwest differ because they had different goals for the western regions. The southerners were looking to set up a democratic society that was free from rich plantation owners that kept them from owning slaves and land. The Northerners tried to set up a society that would be profitable for the Eastern seaboard states that were left behind.The Northerners strongly supported building public schools, roads, canals, and railroads in the west. They wanted these to be funded by taxes. The southerners opposed this generally because they did want their children to be “northernized”.

Marshall's statement, 'Let the end be legitimate,...are constitutional', means that letting everything to be lawful would be interpreted as constitutional. Basically the constitution was written by the people and therefore it should be used to by the people. The constitution should help people and people should be benefited by it.

'John Marshall was considered the most important Federalist since George Washington', because John Marshall was an American statesman and he shaped the American constitutional law. He also made the Supreme Court a center of power. Marshall made many important decisions relating to Federalism. He shaped up the balance of power between the federal government and the states.

I believe that Andrew Jackson was more important to American territorial expansion than John Quincy Adams because Andrew Jackson was the physical hand in expansion of the U.S., while John Adams was the invisible hand. Even John Adams backed Jackson up when all the other members of the cabinet and President Monroe wanted to diclaim Jackson.

Great Britain helped support American desires regarding Latin America because Great Britain offered to be combined with America in joint declaration to renounce any interest in regards to Latin American territory.

A militarily weak nation like the United States could make such a bold statement ordering European nations to stay out of the Americas because of the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine is the best known American policy towards the Western Hemisphere. The doctrine warned European nations that the U.S. would not tolerate further colonization. The United States had a small army, however it was very strong. They were able to defeat the British and pirates in Tunis without any help from other nations.

The Monroe Doctrine was very important in subsequent American history because it stated stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or get involved with states in the Americas would be viewed as acts of aggression that would require the U.S. to intervene.


  • JUN 18, 1812 - The War of 1812
  • SEP 10, 1813 - The Battle of Great Lakes (Lake Erie)
  • SEP 13, 1814 - The Battle of Mchenry
  • JAN 5, 1815 - The Hartford convention
  • JAN 1, 1819 - Panic of 1819
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