The Training and Development Practices of Prime Bank

Though Prime Bank is a centralized organization. High –level executives make decisions and similarly low-level executives cannot make decisions, but they can participate with a friendly environment. The Managing director of this bank call the officers and staffs as Vhai.High –level executives are encouraged to participate in discussions and give their opinion towards a particular issue where they are charged in, but final decision will take by the high-level executive.

PBL always concern to make feel to their employees as they are part of owner in the company as a big family.

This ownership thinking create them be aware and flexible to the working place. Employees take the responsibility to done their task correctly. They have one weekly get together for innovate their employees through their performance. Managers and officers keep up a friendly working atmosphere, helpful, co-operative towards the new employees, such as interns, trainees.

Current HR Practice

Human Resources’ management is always talks about the improvement and also key thing of ‘human Capital” of the organization.

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It always talks about the betterment of the employee instruction and recruitment program. It always deals with the bank company employee management progress of the organization. As we notify that those person who are really working in the organization as an employee are the most crucial resources for the organization. These levels of employees are joined to each other and working for the betterment of the object. They are working very hard for the betterment of the business. As we have to work with the HR Human Resource management always recruits of Prime Bank Ltd.

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Includes different rations and regulations that the employee must be bound to follow all the rules.

Strategic HRM

Strategic Human Resource Management is the formulation and implementation of human resource practices that produce the employee competencies and behaviors the company needs to complete its strategic aims. HR practice includes Recruit & Selection, Training & Development, Compensation and also Performance Appraisal. Prime Bank Limited doing their business successfully through the excellent arrangement of HR practices for 23 years with the tagline of “a bank with a difference”. Prime bank limited recruit externally more than internal. They welcome people concerning illustration such as “As you point higher, career is about picking your own vision; its more than regarding picking your occupation.

They carefully manage a learning environment, career development strategy, smooth progression of their talents. They offer an excellent organizational society and aggressive recompense package in a way which always match their employees' requirements. In an exchange of all what they relentlessly look for, individuals with quality education, team-spirit, drive for professional excellence, creative approaches who can, in turn, produce desired end result.

Prime bank limited very often uses different training program according to their need basis. Common bottom training is fixed for all new hiring people for showing them the whole picture of the organization and also how it works to achieve its goal. They have their in house training system. For achieving better skills and new ideas sends employees to different outer training, conferences, central bank training etc. All above are under by Training & Development section.

They provide a lot of inspiration to their employees. Because Prime bank limited believe that, employees are like member of the org family.

Prime bank limited through HR practices; hire new skills and ideas, develop and enhances skills by training, providing appraisal for motivation, a lot of compensation for behavioral changes, ensures the whole organizations achievement.

A Steps of the selection Procedures:

  • All the applicants should be qualifying the eligibility of the criteria of are mentioned in the National Dailies.
  • Every Candidate should be appearing in the written test and the written test is consists of General Knowledge, Mathematics and English. The management authority can decide and can include Economic / Banking subject in the examination. For including these subjects, they will take the help form the IBA department of Dhaka University.
  • A candidate must obtain 60% marks in the written examination in order to face the Viva board. The candidate needs to give the interview 4 times in front of viva board in different committee and here the recruitment will be given on the basis of merit. Here also the employee needs to secure 60% marks in the Viva examination.
  • Those who will overcome the VIVA step then the survived employees will go for the Medical test that will be conducted by the medical officer who will be appointed by the Premier bank. This test is mandatory because here the medical officer tests the physical/ mental ability and stability of the selected employee and if the candidate faces some problems with the medical issue then he/she must explain the issue in front of medical officer. Because without the clearance of medical officer he/she will not be able to join for the respected job.

Requirements to Become a Senior Executive

Basically Prime bank does not recruit senior executives. They are giving the post by performance appraisal. When a person work for the best and can provide good performance then they are promoted. By promoting they recruit the senior post. Promoting is mainly done by the software system. Promoting is done in January considering the last year performance. An employee gets promoted after 2 year of the recruitment. There are five parameter of promoting.

There are some point criteria for promoting so that they cannot promote all the officers.

Achieving 85% marks is considered as excellent and 75% is for very good and 65% is for 65%.

Selection Steps

The premier Bank follows some chronological steps in order to selecting their employees. Now we are going to give the steps as follows.

  • Initial Interview and Screening
  • Completing the application Form
  • Employment Tests
  • Comprehensive interview
  • Investigating the Background thoroughly
  • Job offers under certain condition
  • Psychical and Medical examination
  • Permanent Job Offer.
Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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