If I Were Prime Minister of Canada

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As Prime Minister of Canada I feel that there are some things that need to be changed in this country. I think that these things would greatly benefit us better as a country both economically wise and socially wise. These things are; Expanding and securing our far North and Arctic territory by building outposts, both military and research, as well as to construct naval bases to protect our waters from invading countries such as the United States and Russia. Also I would like to make child-care more affordable for every family living in Canada, this primarily focuses on day-care programs for younger children.

Finally I would like to make post-secondary schooling more affordable for every Canadian. Therefore I think by doing these things it will make Canada a better place to live for everyone, as well as making it a stronger country on the global scale. Protecting Canada’s Arctic sovereignty is one of my biggest priorities as Prime Minister. This includes building research outposts and military bases to monitor all the large and small land masses that Canada owns in the north.

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As well as add naval bases to protect and monitor our waters within the Canadian boundary.

Adding bases is important to have, both research and military because we know so little about the arctic and it is important to protect it from other countries that might want to seek out its potential. Another reason why we should have more protection over the arctic is because of its economic potential that it possesses.

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There are estimates of billions of dollars worth of untapped resources in the Canadian arctic both on land and under water, so it is important that we protect Canada’s natural resources that we rightfully own.

Finally we should have more of a military presence in the arctic because many foreign countries such as Russia, Norway, and Denmark, etc are all looking at the arctic as a place to claim land and resources for their own. This is not there land so we should enforce this by having a stronger military presence to make sure that no other countries are stealing our land and resources that we Canadians rightfully own. This will even become more important down the road when the world’s non-renewable resources become more and more scarce.

Child care in Canada is very expensive for every Canadian family especially those with more than one child under the age of ten. For most families both parents work full time, so day- care is really one of their only options if they have younger children. This can be very expensive for the average family so as Prime Minister I would like to make childcare more affordable. Child care will now only cost parents a small charge of only $7 dollars a day. For example in Quebec day- care costs only $7 dollars a day.

This is not much at all considering some people pay hundreds of dollars per week for child care; this however will only cost you $35 dollars a week. This will also help the government and help make Canada’s economy stronger. For example, in Quebec were this already takes place. In 2008 70 000 more mothers with young children were working full time again because they could afford to put their child in day-care. When this happened it pumped almost $5. 2 billion into Quebec’s economy which boosted the provinces GDP by 1. %. This was because the mothers that otherwise would have been at home taking care of their children, were now working. Finally I would like to add new requirements to make day-cares safer and to have given the children a better environment. This includes that daycares must have areas where children can get physical activity everyday as well as day care employees are properly fit and qualified for the job. For example in Finland all day-care centers have proper areas for physical activity.

Also for one out of every three adults working at a day-care centre in Finland one has a bachelor’s degree as a certified kindergarten teacher. The other two adults must hold credentials as “licensed practical nurses,” a degree that is roughly the same to or better then a high school diploma with specialized education and training to work with young children. Finally as Prime Minister I would like to make post-secondary education in Canada more affordable for all Canadians, because we all have the right to higher education so I believe that money is something that should not stand in our way of achieving that goal.

The average cost for post-secondary in Canada is around 15,000 dollars a year. This includes tuition, books, supplies, student fees, transportation, housing and other expenses. There are many ways that we can help students to achieve this goal. One is a better RESP that has more contribution from the government. For example if you put 100 dollars into the RESP the government will now match that payment as well as double it so instead of 200 dollars you know have 300 dollars.

Another way of making post-secondary more affordable is making student loans interest free. This will make it easier for students to pay off their debt because there is no more interest so there actually making gains in paying off their debt and not just paying the interest charge every month. Tax breaks is also another idea that will help make post-secondary more affordable. If things like books and even tuition has no tax on it or less tax, it will be cheaper to buy which means more savings and less student debt while in post-secondary.

Therefore I think if some of these changes were made it would be much easier for students to afford post-secondary education in Canada. In Conclusion we need to protect our valuable land and resources in the Canadian Arctic. We need better and more affordable child care for the average Canadian family. We also need to make post-secondary education more affordable for every family in Canada. Therefore if these things are done Canada will be a stronger and better nation that will be known for its many great achievements around the world.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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