The Tempest - Ferdinand and Caliban

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Shakespeare’s The Tempest includes a range of character personality such as the intoxicated, identified, evil-minded, love-stricken, and purposefully excellent. Though at very first it might not seem so evident, many of the characters’ qualities parallel each other in some element. Concealed in the story, though present, a few of Prospero’s qualities compare to Caliban’s. More obviously though, were the qualities of the two that contrasted. Although there are a few things that link Ferdinand and Caliban in contrast, their attitudes on each idea vary significantly.

To start with, Prospero holds one thing that each character desires. Ferdinand has the fancy for Prospero’s child, Miranda. Caliban desires his island, which he thinks he has the rightful claim to, back. Neither one of them can, easily, get what they want from Prospero since of his great powers. When Prospero sees that Ferdinand will look after Miranda and is encouraged the 2 are in love, he provides his blessing to the 2 enthusiasts [under the one condition that Ferdinand is not to break Miranda’s “virginity knot” until the wedding has been solemnized (Act IV scene I.

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)] Caliban is given his island back after Prospero offers up his magic and go back to Milan to promote his rightful spot as Duke.

Ferdinand and Caliban both bring wood for Prospero around Act II scene ii and Act III scene i. Ferdinand continues a different mindset than Caliban, however. Caliban curses Prospero and they way the spirits torture him by pinching and biting. Ferdinand, on the contrary, transfers wood for Prospero because he doing it out of respect.

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He comprehends his work is serving the new love of his life, Miranda and on day perhaps her daddy will allow them to take part marriage.

Among the largest contrasts we see between Ferdinand and Caliban is their desire to untie Miranda’s “virgin knot.” But, unlike Ferdinand, Caliban wishes to rape Miranda. Caliban wants to force sex onto Miranda to occupy the island with more “Calibans.” Ferdinand’s love is pure. He has actually fallen for Miranda and has actually guaranteed her daddy, Prospero, she would not lose her virginity till after they were wed. This would show to be another comparison between the two characters with various motives for each of them.

Ferdinand and Caliban are two very different beings, physically and mentally. But one can spot out the comparisons that are mixed in with the dissimilarities. Great writer’s do everything for a reason and Shakespeare, “one of the greatest writers of all time”, definitely included the subtle similarities among the evident disparities to make the reader capture the sense that two opposite creatures can, in fact, have some resemblances.

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The Tempest - Ferdinand and Caliban

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