The Story Of My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

As usual personal nursing philosophy essays give examples of someone's opinion on the topic. The same I will write about in the following paper. My name is Tahiri Duran. I was born in the Dominican Republic and I came to the United States at the age of eleven. I would like to share and be honest, nursing was not something I ever thought of doing. My end goal was always to become a doctor. I had no clue as to what nurses did and to my understanding it was not an equally as important job as say that of a doctor.

I never considered nursing, but I was twenty-three years old with no college degree and no idea what to do next, so I decided to go to nursing school. From what I seen on TV and at my doctor’s office the medical assistance which I thought were nurses I told myself this looks easy and told myself why not go for it.

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I never being hospitalize or being a the hospital for anything or anyone in my family or any of my friends so I have never being encounter with a nurse all I knew is that I wanted to be part of the health care field in any way possible, and that’s when I started taking the pre-clinical classes, but it wasn’t until I started college and met this one girl who started talking to me about nursing, how amazing and fulfilling it was. I still wasn’t sure if nursing was something I wanted to do, but I decided to give it a try, I told myself is only two years of your life if you don’t like it you can always do something else.

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No one in my family is in the medical field I had no influence that guided my decision of becoming a nurse but that I want to help others feel better and are for those that can’t care for themselves. My family tells me that since I was four years old I used to tell them that I wanted to become a doctor that I wanted to safe life’s and care for people, but because of certain circumstances in my life I wasn’t able to start college right after high school and time passed and I thought it was too late to go for a profession that would takes so many years. All that I knew was that ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to help people, to make a difference in someone’s life. I still wanted to help other and care for them, so I decided to go in for nursing and give it a try and see if is for me. I have never volunteer in a hospital, MD’s office, or healthcare facility to orient me to become a nurse. Going into my first nursing course, I had no idea of what to expect or if I was even going to like it. In first nursing class it was when I learned what nurses do, is not just taking vital signs and drawing blood and I loved it. In my first clinical at a hospital, I was terrified at first, I didn’t know how I was going to react to taking care of someone that was sick and needed my help, but then I got this feeling of belonging. I knew this is where I belong, and this is the profession I want to continue to achieve. As I mentioned before, I love helping people by listening to them, caring for them, and just making someone feel a little better than they did before. I have always loved science and the human body, but there is so much more to nursing than just the body or treating a wound. There is also an emotional component that nurses have as opposed to doctors, I have seen them forge stronger bonds with patients. I hope that I am fully able to fulfill my role as a nurse. My first job was in a nursing home I worked there for about three months I love the nursing home because you get to know the residents you create bonds with them, and they are so grateful for you, and I was grateful to be there for them being there for someone in need even if is just to listening to them and caring for them is one of the many reason I practice nursing. I just started working in a level one trauma emergency department in the Bronx, am very excited and can’t wait to get on the floor and start working.

According to the ANA, “nursing can be described as both an art and a science; a heart and a mind. At its heart, lies a fundamental respect for human dignity and an intuition for a patient’s needs. This is supported by the mind, in the form of rigorous core learning. Due to the vast range of specialisms and complex skills in the nursing profession, each nurse will have specific strengths, passions, and expertise”.

In the time I have being involved in nursing activities, what has given me the greatest satisfaction is it was this one particular patient that I had and she was needed a bone marrow aspiration biopsy and she had no family member at the moment of the procedure with her and she was scared, so I decided to stayed with her throughout the procedure and comfort her and talking to her to keep her distracted and at the end she was so grateful and thankful that I was there with her and for me I feel like I extremely satisfying to be there for her at a moment when she needed someone.

The current health care arena has only made me want to be nurse more than ever, it has it challenges and its ups and down, I wouldn’t want to be anything else. At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it that I was going to be extremely emotional and that my emotion would not allow me to do the job, but it is how greatly I feel about other and the caring that I have for others, wanting to help that drive me to continue to become a nurse. Nurses are always there for their patients they spend most of the time with them, most of the nurses I have encounter do their best to care for patients even though the nurses to patient ratio is not ideal. Most patient seek medical attention when needed, but for those without insurance or immigrants they wait until the very last minute to get help and sometimes is mostly because they are scare of what would happen. In low-income communities there is a more chronic illness because people don’t seek help and are not well educate about their health. Not all communities have a good health promotion. Public hospitals take care of people even when they can’t pay.

My personal philosophy of nursing is based upon on the four metaparadigms: client, health, environment, and nursing. The client focuses on the person receiving care. When describing an individual, it is a framework of biological, psychological, and developmental needs along with spiritual, social, cultural and environmental influences. They are not referred just by a room number or medical condition/disease. As nurses we have the duty to advocate and provide continued care for each patient to improve outcomes without breaking their confidentiality. Health referred to the wellness and quality of a person to meet the demands of daily life. It is the most important asset for each person and therefore it can be influence by the body and mind and by many other elements such as the environment, age, stress and developmental needs. The environment is the patient surrounding and background that can impact the outcome of the patient through the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, and religious conditions. It is the place that promote comfort, rest and healing. Nursing is a profession that includes the elements of compassion, empathy and care. Nurses empower patients by educate them on healthy behaviors that are important to physical, psychological and developmental growth.

Nursing theories are developed by many of the professionals in the nursing field. These theories have helped the professional nursing practice to develop like what it is now in our modern world. I came to learn different types of theories, but Madeline Leininger’s Cultural Care Diversity and Universality Theory influenced me. Leininger’s theory considers the important to take a patient’s culture and cultural background into consideration when deciding how to care for that patient. She states “that care is the essence of nursing and the dominant, distinctive, and unifying feature of nursing. She emphasizes that human caring, varies among cultures in its expression, processes, and patterns” (Berman, 2012, p.47). This theory helped me realize how a nurse should care for their patients in a culture, and how much of an effect on that patient’s health and reaction to treatment as the environment and social life, and how it can help the patients to get well. Therefore, I agree with her statement as I believe that as a future nurse it is important to always consider that patients background and culture.

Finally, becoming a professional Registered Nurse was a dream and passion come true. My vision in nursing is to be a trusted nurse care for others and advance in my practice. As nurse we face many challenges like the nurse to patient ratio being high, or long working hours do a shortage of nurses, mandatory overtime, and workplace hazards (ANA). My goal is to finish school and work in all different areas of nursing and in the future become a nurse educator.


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Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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