My Personal Values, Beliefs And Assumptions Of Nursing Philosophy

A nursing philosophy should targets the concepts of patient, health, environment, and nurse with the quality of caring. When these four concepts is applied by nurses in there work it results in better patient care. Moreover, it strengthened the nurse's relationship with the patient and their family members. Nursing care should be patient-centered and the nurse should be willing to understand the patient holistically. According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (2012), a philosophy is “an analysis of the grounds of and concepts expressing fundamental beliefs,” and before entering to the profession of nursing, it is important to explore my personal values and principles that will guide my nursing practice.

Nursing is not only a job, it's an profession. Nursing is a profession that requires not only knowledge of the body of a patient, but also knowledge and understanding the substance and essence of a patient (Bishop & Scudder, 2003).According to me, nurses are the backbone of any medical centre, any hospital is called best due to nurses only, because we cannot imagine good care without nurses.

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Even best to best doctors alone can't treat the patient if they don't have good and quality nurses in their hospital. When I was 12years old my grandmother was admitted in hospital due to breast cancer. I was very young that time to decide what to become in life, but when i saw nurses in hospital, I was very amused to see them. That how can a unknown person taking care for someone with such perfection, that also without any feeling of reward or favour in returns.

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And that time because of those hardworking nurses only my grandmother cured and got discharged. So that day onwards I decided to become a nurse in my life. Nursing is an very noble profession and selfless job. Upon graduating from nursing college, I am going to enter in the new phase of my life. I spent many hours in hospital during my clinical postings but I know that, this experience would be pretty much different from what I am going to acquire when I will join any hospital as a registered nurse not as an student. I think that assumption, value and belief are terminology used to describe nursing theories. In my opinion, nurse's value and belief should never interfere with the care to given to patient and also with his family members. Nurse should also respect the value and belief of the patient and try to maintain the best therapeutic relation to the patient. Patient's decision should be respected by the nurse but at the same time nurse should tell the patient weather the decision is right or wrong. I want to become a trust worthy nurse on which patient and their relatives can trust easily. I think proper and holistic care can be easily given when four aspects of metaparadigm should be used appropriately in the work place.

The Nurse

In response for a nurse to exhibit caring, she first know what caring means. Its difficult to explain caring as it is a very vast topic. It ultimately comes down to making difference in someone's life by selflessly attending to their needs.


Nurses are responsible for the overall wellness of people. Nurse should look a patient as an individual instead of just an 'number' or a part of job to being a caring nurse.


As a health care professional, nursing requires a commitment to health and well being of patient. Healing an illness is not about only medicine and procedures, it combines with moral, ethical and sensitive manner.


The environment aspect focuses on the surroundings that affect the patient. It consist of internal and external factor, that how a person continuously interact with the family, friends, and other people who are the part of the environment.

According to me, nursing is the largest professional group in any health care setting. Nurses provides good quality care by diagnosing and treating illness which empowers the client to live independent, self regulated and healthy life. I think, I cannot describe the word nursing because there responsibilities varies from acute treatment decision to providing vaccination in schools. There are many specialized nurses like, registered nurse, practical nurse, community nurse, coronary care nurse, critical care nurse etc, the list will go very long. It can be become more beneficial if nurses tries to decrease the rate of error they make at the work place. Being a nurse I know it become very difficult to do a 12 hour shift and on top of that we expect that there will be no error in the work, but mistakes do happen, which we need to eliminate.

Since I decided to come to Canada my views about nursing is totally changed. After coming to Canada only I came to know roles of CNO,CNA and RNAO. I learn how these agencies regulate nursing profession. The information posted on these organization's site influence me to take course of Nursing Leadership And Management. Because the respect and wages nurses get here is totally different from my expectation. They set a benchmark for every nurse to get registered in Ontario which I think is a best way to get skilled and educated nurses in the health care sector. RNAO sets the social media guideline for nurses. CNO sets the requirements to practice, promotes practice standard, administer quality assurance program whereas CNA is the national professional board of registered nurses in Canada, which represents nearly 139,000 registered nurses. The vision of CNA is 'Registered Nurse: Leaders and partners working to advance nursing and health.

Updated: Jan 25, 2024
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