An Evaluation of Personal Best Leadership, Personal Values, Assumptions, and Beliefs to Develop My Leadership Philosophy

Philosophy in most contexts means study of the ancestries, nature, as well as understanding regarding a particular domain, In leadership, most leaders have their leadership philosophy that states how they see themselves in respect to leadership contextr My childhood desire has been to be in a position of leadership with a primary goal of changing the world. During my growth, my life has undergone more exposure. Consequently, my leadership philosophy has undergone radical changes as I become aware of myself In endeavour to develop my leadership philosophy, I will evaluate various activities including personal best leadership, personal values, assumptions, and beliefs.

Working with a local social welfare organization as an intern marked one of my best experience as a leader. The organization mandate was to maintain cleanliness in the local estatesr However, due [0 poor management, garbage collection ended up failing due to poor coordination. Coordination of these activities was part of my internship duties, To enhance coordination, I assembled all team leaders for various garbage collection teams.

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We had a small exchange and interaction session where we did highlight source of the problem. Then, I accordingly assigned each of the team its own section within which their full mandate fell, Honesty, creativity, and independence are the main values that guide me Consequently, as a leader, these values will help win the hearts of my subordinates leading to better working relations. While executing leadership duties, my assumptions are that all my subordinates are mature and rational enough to execute their duties with minimal supervision.

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However, others might not perceive them similarly as we have different perceptions, Lastly, I belief leadership is all about making people they own what their efforts are geared to hence their unwarranted input is voluntary. Accordingly, innovation and transformation defines my personal leadership philosophy. Being a businessperson is my calling in life Since my childhood days, I always have a tendency to transact items. While getting services from various stores.

I cannot help to visualize how a certain adjustment would improve customer experience Consequently, I have set up a store where I sell electronics such as flash disks, movies, as well as phones. My driving force to becoming a businessperson was due to watching Apple late CEO, Steve Jobs, press releases, or product launches, His desire to give world the best and make the customers feel as if what they buying an inherent part of their life motivated me to try do the same. My passion ion life is being happy and registering smile in other people’s faces and enjoying adventure, Visiting parks with my friends always leaves me feeling elated, Moreover, engaging in overwhelming discussions and arguments with my friends leaves my heart feeling cool and relaxed, In addition, discussing policy related issues that would make our society better gives me the urge to work harder and be in a position to make that happen, Consequently, I would have put a smile in these people faces that is what defines my passion in life, Fifteen years from now, I would wish to be living in Los Angeles with by current girlfriend as my wife, Moreover, I would love to be the CEO of my company Things I would like to do or experience before I die include having a life with my girlfriend, owning a Ferrari, owning a private jet, being a CEO of my own company, siring two beautiful kids, owning a home in Los Angeles, travelling to Africa Parks, visiting the White House, flying in Air Force 1, and changing people‘s life. Moreover, I would love to experience a ride inside Bugatti, sale in a cruise ship to Africa, break someone‘s heart, have my heart broken, love someone unconditionally, going to Disneyland, visiting Hollywood, and have someone love me Sincerely.

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