My personal philosophy of nursing

When I was about fourteen years old my grandfather; better known as “bigdaddy” to me, passed away. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the early stages. He was around 88 years old when his condition started decline just a few short months before he died. He was no longer able to do the things he once could do for himself.

This is where my role came in. I started helping out doing day to day task such as helping him get from the couch to the bed, cooking for him, giving him his medicine, etc.

I felt so satisfied when I was performing just these simple tasks for him. This is what ultimately led me to my career choice of nursing.

In my opinion nursing cannot be describe in a simple word or even a phrase. It is more than just a job; it is more than treating those that are ill, it is care for others. Nursing stems from commitment and having a desire to help those in need.

As a nurse you prevent illness, treat illness and promote health as well as caring for patients. Each patient should be treated with the upmost respect.

My philosophy of nursing focuses on patient-centered care, as well as caring and compassionate patient relationship. Your number one goal as a nurse is to make your patient comfortable and as a nurse that should be your nature. It is my goal to make sure my patient is physically, emotionally, and mentally comfortable. It’s my mission to put the patients’ needs and wishes first.

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I also believe that is important for the patient to be an active participator in their care. I hope to have a relationship with my patient so that their needs are met.

Lastly, another goal of mine is to build a trusting and caring relationship with my patient. I will value what is important to my patient; even if it something I personally disagree with. My personal beliefs will be set aside because it is my moral and ethical responsibility to treat the patients and honor their wishes to reach for the best possible outcome.

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