The story of how we went to the Fear Festival

One creepy Friday the 13th my family I and one of my brother's friends decided to go to fright fest it was really rainy that day so it was getting kind of iffy yet I also wanted to go to a mall in Chicago so we decided to go when we got there on the car ride there they had a lot of traffic yes I was really inpatient but I was nervous that the tickets would be sold out when we finally got there I was extremely eager to go on all of the roller coasters (besides eagle and goliath) so we walked around and my brother and his friend went on the eagle so we waited outside for them and I went on a patriotic-themed roller coaster it was really wet because our group was the first on and it was really boring when other kids screamed on the roller coaster I gave them a disappointing look then I got off then my brother and his friend got off the roller coaster then we went to x-flight (which was right next to the eagle)

I measured myself next to the measuring pole I was one or two inches taller than the okay line surprisingly that actually made me just a little nervous not butterflies in my stomach more like caterpillars in my stomach sooner or later I knew that I was gonna get butterflies in my stomach so waited and waited and waited and waited waited waited I felt if I had a watch it would be broken by how much time has elapsed then we finally got to stairs to go up to another line yawn just talking about it is making me yawn then we had to seperate into 18 different groups luckily the 17th slot was open with 3 slots so me my brother and my brothers friend went in that slot so that means we were the 2nd group of people in front we also went in the scary lane so my tension was rising like a broken elevator down and up down and up then the koaster cart came they let us get on the roller coaster and I had a little trouble getting on the cart so the worker there helped me up I then said “thanks” with a cheesy smile and a awkward laugh at the end of saying thanks in fact I almost couldn't reach the holding bar then it started I closed my eyes and took a really really deep breath I said “I am ready” just one tiny little itty-bitty problem.

I forgot to open my eyes then we left the ground I felt like I was floating then I dropped down it felt like I was just learning to fly you will have a few of problems we went up again I thought that the drop would be fun as the last time there was a drop but everything turned red and then I blacked out a little then I quickly came to myself again it then started to rain really hard the rain felt like acid because of how fast we were going on the roller coaster I then heard some kids cry about my face hurts I did not but it sure hurt still they told everyone to get out of the park and to find shelter but the ride was still going eventually it ended we had to evacuate so they gives us each king-sized oreo bars we ate lunch and just when we ate lunch the rain stopped perfect timing I said sarcastically.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022
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The story of how we went to the Fear Festival essay
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