Biography And Career Of an American Actress Julianna Guill

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Julianna Guill is a known American actress and has featured in lots of Television movies and series. She started her acting in the mid-2000s and today she is a known actress in the Hollywood movie industry and is making a name for herself. She is also into singing and dancing such as tap dance and ballet. She is best known for featuring in the movie “Friday the 13th” where she played the role of Bree. As a multitalented and Beautiful actress, fans and admirers can’t wait to know more about this actress well in this article, you will get to know about Julianna Guill and other interesting facts.

Julianna Minetree Guill is the full name of Julianna Guill and she was born on July 7th 1987 in Winston Salem of North Carolina, United States of America. The names of her parents are Ann Guill and Earl Guill and they are of French, Irish and English ethnicity. Juliana is one of the three children born to her parents and she and her siblings are all into the entertainment industry most specifically they are into singing and acting.

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Julianna was at a very young age when she started tap dance, ballet and Jazz. She was also singing in the choir and was among the choristers while she was at the R.J Reynolds High School which also helped her in working her voice into perfection. She graduated from the R. J Reynolds High School in 2005. While she was a student, she was said to have been actively involved in singing.

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Julianna Guill attended the University of New York for her University education and after some time moved to Los Angeles. She has made appearances in Television series, Movies and shows. She made a guest appearance in the Television series titled One Tree Hill which was produced in 2003 and also CSI Miami which was produced in 2002. Julianna Guill is best known for playing the character Bree in the movie “Friday the 13th” and also in the Television series titled “My Alibi”, she played the character Scarlet Hauksson. In the popular movie titled “Captain America: Civil War”, she played the role of Stark’s assistant. Before performing for higher movie producers, Juliana had been performing in local theater. She started her acting career by guest appearances in Television series such as the comedy series “How i met your mother”. She has also featured in the movie “My Super Sweet 16” which was produced in 2009. As an actress, she has featured in comedy, drama and horror movies. Some of her popular horror movies are Altitude, Apparition, Friday the 13th and others while some of the comedy movies which she has featured in are “Costa Rican Summer” which was produced in 2009, “Crazy Stupid Love”, “Road trip: Beer Pong” which was released in 2000 and others.

Julianna Guill made her first Television appearance was in “The Rebirth of Jason Voorheas which was produced in 2009 and she made her movie debut in the movie titled “Good Daniel” there she took up the role of Jane. She has also starred as a guest in the NBC comedy “Community” playing the role of a cheerleader.

In the year 2009, she was nominated and won the award for Golden Schmoes. Julianna belonged to a singing group called “The Girls”. The group was formed by Julianna and her friends (Alison Brie and Cyrina Fiallo).

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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