Extracurricular Activities and Decision-Making Skill Development

Extracurricular activities are important as they teach people to make their own decisions and help gain valuable skills and experience. Through participation in various activities students can feel the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, and acquire communication, problem-solving and time management skills. It helps students discover their hidden potential which they would not have encountered otherwise. As almost any high school student, I have participated in several extracurricular activities. My family and I take great pride in my piano school diploma and my awards from soccer tournaments.

However, my favorite extracurricular activity is volunteering and I had my inspiration drawn from superhero cartoons. I thought that helping people makes one a hero until one day I saw something that really amazed me. One day I met a girl who was a volunteer from Peace Corps. I told her about my desire to study abroad and I was offered an appointment at the Youth Volunteering Centre “Dostar” where she held a presentation about the application process to the US universities.

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I met different people, some of whom I knew from my middle and elementary school, while some were new to me. They were all volunteers and I was surprised to find out that my ideas were very different from what volunteering entails. I learnt their missions and responsibilities and they actually focused on providing seminars about youth leadership, health and importance of education. Firstly I thought that it is really hard to change people and volunteering is just a waste of time.

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On the other hand, they reminded me of myself when I had tried to help my father give up drinking. I realized that I want to help them because it follows what I practice.

In a few weeks the Director suggested that I go to the suburbs of our city and conduct a seminar for children. This was one of my most challenging experiences mentally and physically. At the seminar I have met very different people - from young bright minds to orphans and children from poor families. Some of the children got an opportunity to enroll in the Summer School of Leadership. With great power comes great responsibility, those words come to my mind whenever I get higher. Just imagine if one person helps three people, and those three help another three people each, the world would be saved. Volunteering really helps youngsters to learn how to resolve conflicts and develop healthy relationships with people from different backgrounds. Rend while other an upward depending on the circumstances and realities on the ground. The world’s population growth is expected to decline in most countries, but it is expected to be high in the developing countries. For most of developed countries, they have reached the low growth stage in the demographic transition model, where both death rate and birth rate are low and stable. Due to this, the natural increase rates in developed countries are slow and stable. However, developing countries are still in the transitional stages to low the growth stage.

The traditional stages include high fluctuating stage, expanding stage and late expanding stage, where the natural increase rates are fast due to relatively high birth rate and declining death rate. In other words, life expectancies are getting higher when the fertility rates remain high in developing countries. For example, an average Ugandan woman has seven children. An extraordinarily high fertility rate is largely unchanged for more than thirty years. Half of the population is under the age 15 years old, and will soon move into the childbearing age, when the life expectancy is increasing. Also, almost no women have access to the contraception. These factors will lead to a population explosion in the third world countries (mostly African and Asian countries) for a considerable period of time.

These will force the world’s population to growth. In addition, these are not just happening in Uganda but across most of sub-Saharan Africa, where the population is expending so quickly due to availability of the healthcare services and sufficient food to feed their soaring populations. Especially, by 2050, the population of Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Somalia, Niger, Uganda and Timor-Leste are supposed to increase by 150 per cent. It is also projected that human population in the Asian countries particularly China, Singapore, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia will continue to increase sharply, regardless of the existing population measures put in place by their respective governments. In a sharp contrast, population in the first world countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia and Germany is likely to be on the verge of declination, since there is an increased awareness of the use of contraceptives and the need to control human population in a bid to conserve the environment and natural resources. In conclusion, the human populations will increase sharply in the next one hundred years due to technological innovations, efficient healthcare systems, high fertility rates in both men and women, and a serious reduction in human death rates. The human population increase will be more pronounced in developing countries in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa compared to developed nations such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Extracurricular Activities and Decision-Making Skill Development essay
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