The Role of Internet in Business Essay

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The Role of Internet in Business

The internet has changed a lot of aspects in the lives of people from all walks of life. Being in the 21st century, almost everything is made possible through the internet. Communication, research, shopping and teaching are made accessible online. Among the many fields of human interest, business is one field that has changed dramatically with the use of the internet. The internet has made quite an impact in the business world (Devine, 2009). Furthermore, Devine stated the importance of having a website to be able to compete in the business and internet world.

These days, everything is almost a mouse click away, from plane tickets to home appliances and even online tutors. So a business owner must advertise services online to make his business known to many. The website www. internetworldstats. com showed that there are approximately 7 billion internet users all over the world so advertising products and services through one’s own website is the way to go. On the other hand, there are many other aspect of business other than marketing and advertising that the internet has significantly changed.

Riley (2011) mentioned the different areas in business which the internet has made a great contribution namely communication, outsourcing services, networking and recruiting and also online shopping. In terms of communication, emails and conversations through Skype have made communicating easier, faster and cheaper. Even cellphone applications that work with an internet connection such as Viber make connecting with workers, clients and customers more efficient. Also, the role of social media has made a huge impact in the world of business.

Social Media is now an important part of business marketing (Bosari, 2012). Furthermore, Bosari revealed that 94% of businesses with a marketing department use social media as part of their marketing platform and that 58% of these businesses that used social media marketing reported an increase in sales. For this reason, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used by business owners to advertise their products and services. In fact, John Burke stated that the use of Facebook and Twitter are more effective compared to raditional business websites because businesses need to expand their online presence.

Burke further stated that creating websites require specialized knowledge and would require regular maintenance as compared to social networking sites which are easily accessed by millions of potential clients worldwide. We are in the digital and computer age. Almost everything can be accessed with several taps on the keyboard and a few mouse clicks. To take advantage of the amazing technology called the internet, use it as a business and marketing tool and your business can possibly go a long way.

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