The Reasons Why William Wallace is Considered as a Classic Hero

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The movie Braveheart is the story of William Wallace and his mission to free Scotland from British ruling. Although he did not succeed in his original goal, he succeeded in many other ways. William Wallace is a classic hero in many ways. They range from his knowledge and beliefs to his courage, and strength. First of all, William Wallace was strong and courageous. He was able to fight off many men and use his strength to his advantage. Not just any man could fight the way that William Wallace did, as depicted in the movie.

Furthermore, this man was also very courageous and always fought for what he believed in.

At first the group of men fighting with Wallace, wasn’t a very large one. But he didn’t give up and he kept fighting for what he believed was right, fighting to the death. In his heart he knew that Scotland deserved to be free. After his wife was murdered by the Englishmen who also raped, pillaged, and tortured the Scots, Wallace realized the only way to end this pain was to fight back.

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In a way, he was avenging his wife’s death, but it became more than that. It became a battle for freedom and happiness. He risked his life, knowing his chance of success was small, to fight for justice. A third reason that William Wallace can be considered a classic hero is his vast knowledge of war tactics and strategies. Going into battle, Wallace knew that he had much fewer men and his weapons weren’t nearly as strong as those of the British.

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It would seem like a lost battle to most, but Wallace came up with other ways to fight, using more brains than brawn.

As the movie showed, in one scene he lit an entire army on fire after tricking them into attacking. Another time, when the British tried to trick him by making a peace offering, he countered their attack by locking them in a building and burning the men alive. He was always able to smell an ambush and that is one of the main reasons he survived the war for so long. In conclusion, it is very obvious that William Wallace can definitely be considered a classic hero for his many different character traits. This man was strong, smart and brave. Best of all, he never gave up. William Wallace always fought for what he thought was right, even if it meant dying for his cause. And die for it is just what he did.

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