The Purpose and Importance Of Higher Education

The aim of this essay is to reflect on my role as a student in higher education and as a prospecting healthcare practitioner with a one year plan for developmental need that is achievable by the end of my first year. I will start with a discussion on learning in Higher Education then on nursing at Higher Education with my future role as a healthcare practitioner and purpose of higher education . I will examine nursing in the context of current healthcare and the value of life-long learning.

In the next paragraph I will look at my initial reflections on entering higher education. I will confer next on my academic profile then identify my learning style and the impact this has on my learning. I will reflect on the significance of an identified area of development that’s in relation to essential skills in higher education. This essay will culminate in a conclusion with summary on all key points from my discussion above and a recommendation on what needs to be considering my findings.

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Higher education is said to impart the deepest understanding in the minds of students, rather than the relatively superficial grasp that might be acceptable elsewhere in the system. In higher education, you have to question everything and the students have to think for themselves so as to be able to stand on their own, intellectually speaking.

Learning at Higher Education, I am encouraged to read, think independently, question and analyze what I read and learn. I get to meet new people from various cultures and enjoy new experiences; I also enjoy plenty of support at the university, like social support, Health support, study skills and resources support.

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I have the opportunity to experience a great student lifestyle with the huge range of clubs and societies, plus a diverse social life on offer. Studying nursing at university level is a great way to expand my knowledge in the field. The learning experience received while studying is one that will provide me with the skills I need which will advertently give me required expose in caring for patients. This is achieved by spending 50 percent of my course studying on campus and the other 50 percent on placement (practice learning)

While on placement professionalism is of utmost importance as I am working directly with patient and their families. My future role as health care practitioner would be conducted with such professionalism as I’ve learnt while studying on Campus and during placement, according to the Code: Professional Standards of Practice and Behaviour for Nurses and Midwives, hereafter referred to as the Code, 2018) The professional commitment to work within one’s competence is a key underpinning principle of the Code which should be upheld at all times. My future role as a healthcare practitioner will primarily be to advocate and care for patients of all ethnic origins and religious background and support them during health and illness. However, there are various other roles which are not limited to the following: administer medications and treatments, educate patients about management of illnesses, and collaborate with team to plan for patient care, provide support and advice to patients and Monitor patient health and record sign .

The nature of current healthcare has become more challenging than ever with the fact that new knowledge is emerging at an accelerating pace. Upon entering practice, a nurse experiences increased demands that reduce the time available for learning and assessment, and over time the professional knowledge of promising evidence-based practice and professional competence may deteriorate (Walston and Khaliq, 2010). In view of this, the value of life-long learning cannot be overemphasized; it’s a mandatory career advancement requirement because healthcare leadership requires knowledge and competency in their staff to meet patient’s health demands. People even educate themselves about their healthcare conditions and treatments and they expect their care professionals to know even better to help them.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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