The Importance of Higher Education

In “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” Andrew Braaksma writes about his experiences working for factories during his summer breaks and his education. His experiences let him realizes that he works so hard and get little pay. It’s totally different from his college life. So he appreciates his education. I agree with what Andrew Braaksma says about how college life is different from the “real world”. Have you already prepared to the real world?

Andrew Braaksma is a college student.

He compares and contrasts two aspects of his life: working at assembly line as a blue-collar during summer vacations and being a college student. He worked in the factories surrounding his hometown for two reasons: got overtime pay and saved money because lived at home is cheaper than campus.“Aftera particularly exhausting string of 12-hour days at a plastics factory,” Andrew Braaksma, as college student who has never been out in the real world, realized that college was better than the work he was doing.

His life in college was relatively easy: he slept late; he was able to spend time studying. He also had time to relax with his friends. So he couldn’t wait for school to start again. I feel the same way with Andrew Braaksma. I couldn’t imagine my life in the real work before I graduated from college. During I went to college in 80’s in China, I wish I can get a job as soon as possible.

While I was working at a TV factory as engineer,I saw many younger workers who worked there 16 hours a day for many years had no holiday and vacation because they had no education, and some didn’t finish high school.

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It was also very stressful for theworkers because they knew their job could disappear overnight for outsources. It’s really a dog eat dog world. Working in the assembly line caused Andrew to reflect on how fortunate he really was. This helped him appreciated his education.

Those people without a proper education are often forced to take unstable and low pay jobs in order to support themselves and their families. However, poverty and backwardness of my hometown let me want to change lives through higher education. I realize that my education is more important when it comes to searching for a job for a long period of time.

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