The Progress of Becoming an F.B.I agent as a Minority or Women

This paper is about six articles that talk about the years and steps it took for minorities and women to become an F.B.I agent and the progress the agency has been able to make throughout the years. How getting into the F.

B.I is a difficult task and how the agency no longer needs students with criminal justice degrees and want students with cyber computer, hard sciences or maybe even have a degree in a foreign language. How women weren’t allowed to be an agent until 1972 but were still being used during the women’s movement and how the women were treated early on in the years of the agency.

What it takes to be a good profiler and how to become a great profiler. How minorities are getting a chance to be a part of the agency and what the F.B.I s doing to get more diversity in the agency.

Getting into the F.B.I is difficult, you must at least have your high school diploma but certain careers in the agency require professional experience and college degree to be qualified for the job. ‘To succeed in an interview you must be honest, professional, punctual, well-spoken and accurate. (Roberts, C. C. (2008). The FBI Career Guide). After getting a college degree you must go to the F.B.I academy where you spend four months of your life cramming years of history and knowledge in just a little time.

Being a F.B.I agent does come with serious consequences; this job takes a physical and mental toll on the agents.

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You’re working twelve hours a day seven days a week and your seeing things and doing things nobody else is going to. I want to be a behavioral analyst for the F.B. I, “Criminal profiling is a process now known in the Federal Bureau of Investigation as criminal investigative analysis. Profilers, or criminal investigative analyst, are highly trained and experienced law enforcement officers who study every behavioral aspect and detail of an unsolved violent crimes scene in which a certain amount of psychopathology has been left at the scene. (O’Toole, M. E. (1999, February).

Criminal profiling: the FBI uses criminal investigative analysis to solve crimes). What qualities or traits constitute a good profiler? Contrary to the current television and movie depictions in which a profiler can “just see it happening” a successful profiler is not psychic. An experienced and well-trained profiler is intuitive, has a great deal of common sense, and is able to think and evaluate information in a concise and logical manner. A successful profiler also is able to suppress their personal feelings about the crime by viewing the scene and the offender-victim interaction from an analytical point of view. Most important, a successful profiler is able to view the crime from the offender’s perspective, rather than his or her own. (O’Toole, M. E. (1999, February). Criminal profiling: the FBI uses criminal investigative analysis to solve crimes).

The agency no longer needs students with criminal justice degrees, they students with other skills that would succeed in the new world era like cyber computer, hard sciences and foreign languages but doesn’t mean they won’t expect the students. “I’d encourage them to take courses or major in areas where the FBI has critical needs right now”. (From English Major at LSU To Special Agent in Charge at the FBI Cassandra Chandler is on a Career Path to the Top. (Undetermined). (2005).

The problem in trying to have a F.B.I career is that only 72% of agents are minorities or women. Man tend to be in higher power and are the dominating gender in the agency. “Woman and minorities weren’t allowed to work for the F.B. I until 197 after the director of the F.B. I J. Edgar hoovers death because he opposed hiring them. In 1994 there were only 7,405 white male agents, 1,053 white female agents ,440 African American male agents and only 79 African American female agents. By 1999 those numbers changed there were 8,183 white male agents, 1,652 white female agents,544 African American male agents and only 118 African American females. (Owens, J. (2001, March). Don’t call us: why the FBI isn’t hiring black women). Although women weren’t t allowed to work for the F.B.I until 1972 their offices were paying women to infiltrate the Women’s movement in the late 50’s.

“In 1980 at the Quantico training academy there was a grueling process called “flushing out the weak” (SPECIAL AGENT: My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI. (2001, May 14). “Rosemary drew was an agent in the F.B.I where during her initial training at the F.B.I Academy in Virginia, she and other women trainees were berated by instructors and subjected to inappropriate sexual overtures from some classmates. Early in her career she was advised to void the company of other female agents and to work only with all-male squads. Deprived of each other’s company and support, women agents were routinely faced severs harassment that went unpunished. (No Backup: A Female Agent’s Life in the FBI. (2003, November 24)

Programs are in place to recruit a more diverse range of applicants including ad campaigns for and feature minorities. “There are several special programs units that concentrate on barriers to recruiting and retaining individuals from minority groups including African American, Hispanics, American Indians and Asian Americans. The F.B.I attends the annual black college spring break career fair and the annual women of color awards conference. (From English Major at LSU To Special Agent in Charge at the FBI Cassandra Chandler is on a Career Path to the Top. (Undetermined). (2005)

The FBI is an agency that requires a lot of time and efforts and skills to prepare for and a higher education, before deciding to become an FBI agent you must first figure out where they need help and major in it. You must be prepared for the hardship at the academy and that sometimes your gender is going to change that attuited you get there. The agency is trying to change their ways and is figuring out to get more diversity and their attuited towards female agents. One must never give up on their dreams and conquer through whatever life throws their way.

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