The Positive Impact Of Alcohol Drinking


Alcohol has always been around in our lifetime since ancient time and it has been a part of social gathering, celebrations, and rituals. Most of the people have known that drinking alcohol can impact them more than it's giving the advantages. Even though they knew about the bad sides from drinking it, but they cannot quit and still really enjoyed drinking from day by day, especially, cannot lack of it in their daily life while they're having a meeting with partners, friends or family.

Anyway, some of the people were changed their personality or physical from old ones to another new person due to drinking it too much. If we think about alcohol, there are many kinds of alcohol that sometimes we cannot remember its names of them, and they also can give benefits for people when we drink it in the right way or drinking moderately. However, some of them were attacked the drinkers as well and impacted slowly without being conscious of our health( body and brain), relationship, or cause of traffic accidents, etc.

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Depending on whom you ask, alcohol can be a blessing or a curse. Even Harvard School of Public Health, it liked two-faced weapons which call "both a tonic and a poison," depending on the dose. Although a cocktail, beer or glass of wine can be both relaxing and good for the heart, and it might also play a role in cancer development, liver and heart damage, and depression. Therefore alcohol affects someone depends on the percentages of people use or drink it in daily life, that why everyone should weigh the pros and cons of consuming alcohol regularly and be careful and deep thinking before drink it (Livestrong).

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Here are several disadvantages and advantages below that my group was researched and work-hard to complete it in this project.

The Advantages Of Drinking Alcohol

Most of the people always think that drinking alcohol is not good at all because their opinion always looks into the bad side or evaluated in negative ways rather than positive way or just giving of their ideas that every people who are drinking alcohol, will confront with many problems in their health condition, physical or personality changing, or sometimes can break their relationship, making the domestic violence, traffic accident or something like that. Of courses, all of their perspectives is not wrong at all because as we knew that it like just poisons that can kill us, but also it's not right at all because some alcohols also have well impacted to our health, help us to build a strong growing relationship, Release stress, making businesses, and family tide as well if we drink moderately and in a positive way. So all below are reasons that they can get from alcohol's benefits.

Alcohol to Health

Alcohol has many advantages to our health when we're using it in the rights way by drinking small among them every day. "That means one to two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women, according to Harvard". Anyway, like I mentioned some kind of alcohol above that it can provide us more advantages such as wine, beer, liquor, and whiskey, all of this really gives a good affected to health. They will provide some health benefits, such as helping you to burn the cholesterol in your body, reducing the risk of death from heart attack diseases, strokes diseases, possibly reducing the risk of diabetes and overall cardiovascular causes, blood pressure, making you warm during the winter season, and it can help you diet as well.

For wine, there are many kinds of wine include red wine and white wine which gave us much good health. Drinking red wine and Vodka can make your heart more healthy and reduce the risk of heart-attacked as well as it can give your heart are more healthy. According to science daily revealed that "Through this study, researchers determined that while both red wine and vodka can benefit the heart, they do so differently. Liked Red wine dilates blood vessels, while vodka caused more collateral vessels to develop. These findings shed new light on the mechanisms by which moderate alcohol intake might reduce cardiovascular risk. Whether these beneficial effects are also seen in humans remains to be seen" (Science Daily, 2012). On the other hand, red wine can burn fat. Depend on a new study co-authored by an Oregon State University researcher shown that, dark red grape wine can also help you to burnt the cholesterol or burnt fat in your body, and it might help people better manage obesity and related metabolic disorders such as fatty liver because of a chemical called allergic acid. This chemical slows down the growth of fat cells and stops new ones from being created, which boosts the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells (Oregon State University, 2015). On more things, red wine can prevent and help you fight cold as well. It can make your temperature in your body become warmth during the winter season. We disagree to drink during a cold, but getting in the habit of drinking moderately can help prevent one. As the study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that the antioxidants in red wine can help you reduce your risk of a cold by a shocking 60 percent (Adolfo, Bahi, Carlos, Juan J, Miguel, Reina, 2002). In addition, wine also can boost our memory. A 2015 study by Texas A&M University found resveratrol was revealed that a compound found in the skin of red grapes, can improve memory and cognitive function in rats (Texas A & M University, 2015). And the last benefit of red wine is it also makes us live longer. If you look forward to that glass of wine or two every evening regularly, you will get well healthy. According to A Genes & Nutrition study found that resveratrol in wine can help induce the expression of several longevity genes that regulate cell survival (Diptarka Ray,Dipak K. Das,Istvan Lekli, 2009). Therefore, wine is a kind of alcohol that can many positive ways for our health.

If we think about the kind of beers, it also gives us advantages as well. There are many vitamins in beer, and we can get from it. First, it can help you to recover faster post-workout. When you have drunk an ice-cold beer, this kind can hydrate you just as well as water, making it perfectly ok to grab happy hour after an intense sweat session (Chasmar, 2013 ). Second, it can help protect the brain, when you drink in moderation and not use too much in life. In 2015, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that a compound found in beer called Xanthouhmol could protect brain cells from damage, so slowing down the progression of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease (ACS Chemistry for life, 2015). Third, it can strengthen your bones. For example, Moderate beer drinkers who consume 1-2 glasses a day are more likely to have that effect, but surprisingly, it was women who reap the most benefits from it. The study reported that postmenopausal women who had two drinks per day saw their bone density increase up to 8.3 percent. The last, beer also can help to reduce heart attack lower for women, reduce the risk of kidney stones, as well as it decrease of risk of diabetes. According to researching shown that people who drink one to two glasses of alcohol per day have a smaller chance of developing one form of diabetes than those who abstain from alcohol. People who consumed alcohol moderately and met at least three of four conditions of a healthy lifestyle had 40 percent less chance of developing Type 2 diabetes than those who abstained from alcohol completely (Reuter, 2010). Therefore, all of the reasons above are the alcohol's benefits to our health.

Releasing Stress

We were born as a human being, we always face many problems that sometimes we can solve and sometimes we can't. Drinking can reduce fears and take your mind off of your troubles. It can help you feel less shy, give you a boost in mood, and make you feel generally relaxed. Therefore, when we were sad or we can't face this issue, we also drinking alcohol in daily life to make us feel better and cut down stress after we finish work and studying. Anyway, people thought that when they were drunk, they can forget about the problem that they faced, and can make them more release and happy or something like that. Sure, alcohol can make us forgot about any problem, but we just can forget it only a short time when we are drunk. Anyway, if you drink it to release stress, you should use it the right way and it will not affect our health and it is the best way that can help you release stress. For example, you should just drink it a small glass or two glasses per day during dinner, after dinner, or before bed, because it will make you sleep well, no dream, and forgot about the problem as well. That is the reason that drinking alcohol can help you have well slept by making your brain will work well and think deeply or having good critical thinking, and it helps you feel fresh after you get up. Then it can help you easy to solve your problem due to the ability of your critical thinking. So using alcohol in the right way will help us release stress.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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