An Analysis of the Goodness of Alcohol and the Good Effects Alcohol Has

"One too many or not enough?" Have you heard this before? Thinking back, do you remember where you heard it? Most people, if asked, would probably remember being at a party and a friend who had watched them stumble or fall. Parties are fun, many people go to them. A lot of the parties will have alcohol and many of the people there will get drunk. Maybe this has happened to you?

Sure the after affects of drinking are harsh, but isn't it worth the fun you had that evening? The laughter, joy, and the feeling of popularity.

Did you know that wine is made out of grapes? What a healthy drink, you may have even heard the saying, "a glass a day keeps the doctor away." Fact: moderate drinking of beer, wine, or distilled spirits reduces heart disease by 20-49%.

Having breweries and wineries promotes more job opportunities for the jobless. The art of making the actual beer or wine is almost effortless, some skills that would be needed is mechanic skills or agriculture knowledge.

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However all this depends on what job the seeker wants to work as.

It is also a proven fact that beer can help make your bones stronger, although too much can cause you to break your bones, by falling or stupidity.

Many people drink for just the fun of it, and it brings, for the most part, joy and a sense of "adventure" to the drinker. It's an excellent way for them to be more social and meet new people, besides going to school.

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In fact, many college goers will go to a drunk party and, surly, that is where they meet there possible future spouse.

Sure, getting ready for that party can be a pain, but while your there you seem to forget the time it took you to get ready and are more focused on the life of the party. Many weddings even serve drinks while the brides and grooms are getting ready. Not to mention there is also alcohol served after the ceremony.

Yes, it is true that too much is harmful, but in reality it is only up to you to know when to stop. However you choose to do this is up to you and it is not the alcohols fault, it is only there to help you have a good time.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023
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