The Overcrowding Dangers People

People migrate from different parts of the world, most of the time going into cities believing that they will find better opportunities better for themselves and their children. As people come together in public space from different parts of the world, they bring their own unique cultures’, strengths, and uniqueness with them. Yet as in any public space, at a certain point in time, public spaces become overcrowded from the original amount designed to be from. As population increase, schools start to face problems of overcrowding students in schools from the original funding that they have been given.

Each student has their own different understanding levels that they can function with, but with schools being overcrowded, it can create a problem.

Many schools have either started to add increase the number of students to teachers, or they either build “temporary” classrooms. Some districts are proposing a multi-track year-round education program. Overcrowding students become a danger of trapping a student’s creativity to a certain level.

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According to research done by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), it is said that California is one of the states that has more students than any of the other states in America (not including Utah). It is stated by UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, & Access, in Overcrowding in California’s School, “{overcrowded} California schools enroll up to 5 times the number of students they were built to serve…”

An example of overcrowding in California would be the South Gate Middle School at 4100 Firestone Blvd, South Gate, CA.

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The overcrowded school is originally designed for only 800 students, but they manage to enroll up to 5 times more of the original capacity. They had enrolled up to 4200 students in there. There are some school board systems that create “temporary” classrooms, such as some either are portables or trailers that stay for years and can be unhealthy for the student’s health as well as for their education. These so-called temporary classrooms usually stay for a long time. The dangers with these temporary trailers are that because they are just meant to be as temporary classrooms, “modular classrooms tend to develop structural problems such as water leaks or cracks faster than permanent school buildings…”

Apart from the fact that it hurts student’s health, it can help the student’s education. It is said by author Kristen May, author of The Effects of an Overcrowded Classroom, that overcrowded classrooms can have negative effects on not only students but also on the teacher. Being in an overcrowded classroom, it is a bigger ratio of students to teacher, it makes students be put closer together in the classroom. For some students, it can make it harder for some students to focus in class. As students get distracted easier, the scores in their academics and performances begin to descend. Another issue that is presented with overcrowded classrooms would be the problem with the lack of equipment. At times, teachers make student join bigger groups to work together which makes some students not have any responsibility in the group. In another way that overcrowding classrooms can affect students is by the way that teacher have to adapt to new teaching methods.

When they start to teach blandly in order to get their lessons across, it makes teachers forget that everyone has a different learning method. As students are taught in one standard way for all, it becomes hard for some of the students to grasp the main points of the lesson topics. Problems that occur with teachers to students in overcrowded classrooms, apart from the bland teachings that the teachers have to give, it also creates a lack of personal connections with students. As the author of the article Classroom Overcrowding: It’s not Just a Number Game at Teacher Hub by Laura Preble states “Teachers evaluate student’s learning, check for weakness and strengths, and ideally prescribe the proper regimen to achieve optimal education health.” A teacher needs to be able to create a bond with a student in order to figure out the type of student that they are.

If the teacher has many students with them, it creates a hard time for the teacher to be able to know their students in order to create/ find out a suitable way for them to compel with their students. In a study done in 2009 at the University of London, it was said that teachers “feel there is a moral imperative operating at the heart of their work: Every child has the right to the attention and support which they need…. Teachers believe that there is a connection between a student’s learning and a personal business. If the student has a conflict in their personal life, it will alter their behavior in the classroom. If a teacher is not capable of being aware of the issue, they can find the student’s attitude in the class as either disruptive to the motion and it can create a bad surrounding for other students in the classroom. It can make the flow of the class very disruptive.


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