The necklace by Guy de Maupassant: Greediness and Arrogance

The necklace by Guy de Maupassant depicts the greediness and arrogance of people. The realities of this world that sometimes we overlook and we often deny. The insatiable need of humans, the great love of material things, possessions and fame. For these people believed that the basis of the acceptance of the society is about having such treasures and material things.

            Madame Loisel was one of those few who were victimized of these desires. She regretted having married only a clerk, one who cannot even afford her to buy best dresses and expensive and luxurious jewelries in town.

It was not until they received an invitation to a party, Madame Loisel did not have any idea about attending but her husband; who is very much contented to what they have, encouraged her to join even if she will wear the dress she always wear when they went to the theater.

But Madame Loisel, said no because for her it was not the best dress that should be worn in the party.

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She insisted with her husband to buy a new one which was costly for their part since her husband is only a clerk. Because of his husband’s great love for her, they then bought a new dress for Madame Loisel. It was a beautiful dress, one that many women would also love to wear and have.

            Upon having the dress, Madame Loisel was still not contented. For her she still lacks something, and that is jewelry; to let her beauty glow more upon wearing the dress.

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But her husband cannot afford to buy her, so she was told to go to Mrs.Forestier. Mrs. Forestier has lots of jewelries, and Madame Loisel planned to borrow from her. When Mathilde went to her, Mrs.Forestier let her choose some of her jewelries but Mathilde have not chosen any for she did not find the one that for her is very much suitable for her, and for her dress. The finally, she saw a box and when she opened it she saw a beautiful and elegant diamond necklace. She was in awe upon seeing the necklace, so she asked Mrs.Forestier favor for her to lend it. Fortunately, Mrs.Forestier allowed her and Mathilde promised to return it after using.

            So the party happened and every one was looking towards Mathilde because of her grace, beauty and elegance. Even the Minister and Under Secretaries noticed her and were very eager to dance with her that night. She danced; she got drunk and celebrated the night the way she pleases. After the party, she went home without knowing she already lost the diamond necklace upon riding the cab. It was only until she reached their house that she knew about it. Monsieur knew about it and got mad.

They then find ways to replace it, they went to different people and then they saw in a store a real diamond necklace that was just the same with the one that was lost. So they bargain it for thirty four thousand francs. Good thing Madame Loisel had eighteen thousand francs that was given to her by her father but it was still lacking so they borrowed money from their friends and entered into agreements just to replace it.

            After having the necklace, Mathilde then returned it to Madame Loisel. For 10 years they were working to pay their debts. Monsieur and Madame Loisel got so old looking because of the pressures and hard work for them to pay their credits. Then one day, Mathilde saw Mrs. Forestier.

She was shock upon seeing Mathilde with such a gloomy and old face, Mathilde then told her that it was because she and her husband are in debt because of the necklace they borrowed from Mrs.Forestier and was lost. Upon knowing this, Mrs.Forestier laughed because the necklace that Mathilde borrowed was a fake and it only cost about five hundred francs.

            The moral of the story is to be contented of what you have. You cannot have all the material possessions of this world, but you can try your best to work to be able to survive and sustain your daily needs. Let us not be greedy and be ambitious of what we do not have. It will only put us to devastation in the end.

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The necklace by Guy de Maupassant: Greediness and Arrogance

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