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The Movie "Harvey Milk"

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (734 words)
Categories: Gay Rights, Movie, Same Sex Marriage
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Harvey milk starring Sean Penn is released. In light of the groundswell of movement in opposition to the passage of proposition 8 in California that band same sex marriage, a milk movie could never be more timely.

Harvey milk became worthy of the biggest budget Hollywood by a pig because he was a counter cultural leader of what remains, in light of recent election of an African-American to presidency, the last great counterculture left in America that still struggle on a daily basis to live up to the promise of being granted the same access to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that all other cultures have been granted: gays and lesbians.

The upcoming fictionalized cinematic treatment of the story of Harvey milk is actually the second time Hollywood has his fantasizing story it. The first document titled the times of Harvey milk and it went to an Academy award for best documentary.

As a hero of the counterculture, Harvey Milk stands in stark contrast to the members of the Weather Underground and even the non-violent leaders of the protest against the Vietnam war.

His greatest claim to American hero is him that resonates just as broadley today as did during the 1970s.

It says much about American historic aversion to sweeping change that many of the very things that milk was such an activist for doing his time remains fiery issues in contemporary society. The manner in which Harvey milk died also remains a testament to the entrance to violence that marks the cultural traditions against which the counter culture has tried with such might to rebel. Gay rights is it even today one of the social issues that is used to define the differences between liberals and conservatives.Just as some men have greatness thrust upon them, so do you Milk have a counter culture thrust upon him once he moved to New York to the hotbed of 1960s countercultures him, San Francisco. It was in San Francisco in 1972 that Milk and his romantic companion Scott Smith opened a photography store in the infamous Castro Street. Milk became just another out of the closet homosexual attempting to carve out a living with little to suggest that he could one day become not just one of the most famous and affective members of the gay counter culture but eventually one of the most beloved martyrs.

Dan White was elected to office for the first time during the same election as Harvey milk why is almost the typical conservative candidate, he was the Sarah Palin of his era. Milks non-conferment he and Whites taunch conservatism represented the polar opposites that are A necessity for the social conflict theory to come to fruition. The third element in social conflict that creates change is an element around with those polar opposites can lock headsOvertime Dan White became increasingly open with his opposition to all forms of gay rights and came into constant conflict with the counter views of Harvey milk. The specifics of the disagreements between Dan White and Harvey milk ultimately became less important than the larger picture. Well gay rights may have Affected Harvey milk most closely because he himself is gay, he strides the countercultural pantheonBecause what he expanded beyond that near construction. Harvey milk’s fight was for the unrepresented, the oppressed, for all minorities with access within the establishment.

Clash between the progress of ideas of Harvey milk in the reactionary resistance to change of damn why became just the latest in a series of American conflicts that began with the crash between the progress of ideas of Thomas Paine and their reactionary resistance to King George the third was followed not long after by the clash between progressive ideas of John Brown and the reactionary resistance to change by Jefferson Davis the story, unfortunately, seems to always in the same way; The only real difference is the time it takes. As Harvey milk himself observes in the times of Harvey milk: ‘ if we learn from history, the struggle goes on. Eventually we will win. All the governor hast to do is turn the pages of history in a little faster.’ The story of America is one of the counter culture always coming into conflict with the culture establishment in the establishment always, eventually, a simulating that counterculture. By the time Dan white unloaded his gun into Harvey milk and George Moscone.

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