The marketing plan of Barclays Bank

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1. Executive Summary

The following marketing plan forms the basis for the intro of an ingenious new technique toextend Barclays market segment.

The analysis enables us to describe the best strategies to follow for the accomplishment of the bank ‟ s strategic goals. Drawing in trainee and keeping will be marketed as a distinct practical account while making every effort to strengthen the bank ‟ s status as the leader in innovation and effective bank item launches.

The marketing techniques preliminary targeted all overall trainee account increase of 25%.

As an outcome, Barclays bank will increase its market share of the market, moving fromthird to 2nd amongst the leading 4 market leaders. The process of meeting customerneeds is going on with continuous plan to re-evaluating its student proposal toensure it relevance to the target market

2. Goals

This marketing strategy intends to define the ways of notching up Barclays existing studentmarket share by 1.5% (960,000 student ‟ s accounts) from Barclays current marketshare of 8.9%.
The new Barclay ‟ s pre-paid card that would be presented will increase theprofitability of trainee accounts by motivating customers to save, hence makingmore funds offered for additional financing by the bank.

The new present account package likewise focuses on restoring consumer confidencetowards Barclays by depicting the bank as a responsible and socially consciousfinancial organization.
The new trainee account bundle likewise aims and developing up Barclay ‟ s corporateimage and branding theme of being international bank with regional knowledge by introducingnew items that are in line with the present economic slump.

3. Marketing Strategy

Barclays should implement the market penetration and product development strategy bycapturing current account market share from other financial institutions that have beenweaken from the economic crisis.

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Besides that, the launch of the new prepaid card would be a step towards product development that would be useful to counter non-traditional financialinstitutions that are poise to enter the current account market.The market development strategy can also be carried out at a later date by bringing the newand tested prepaid card product into other geographical markets like China and India. Thiswould be in line with Barclays slogan of “ Now there’s a thought”

The advantage is good for Barclays global network in more than 50 countries. [1] In relationt o the Porter Generic model, Barclay‟s should aim at using a broad based differentiationstrategy to capture market share from ailing financial institutions.

Company Description

Barclays Bank is one of the leading operations in the UK financial sector with exposure to Europe, North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Duringthe ongoing economic crisis Barclays Bank is one of the few UK operations to turn downstate funding from the UK government which has ultimately given directors more controlover the future direction of the company.The history of Barclays Bank can be traced back to 1690 when John Feame and ThomasGould began trading in Lombard Street London under the name of Goldsmith bankers. WhenJames Barclay joined the operation in 1736 the name Barclays became associated with thecompany although it was not until 1896 that the company became known as Barclays bank.Like so many of the UK clearing banks trading today, Barclays Bank acquired many smalleroperations over the years and extended its business tentacles into all areas of the UK andworldwide financial system.The company has become embroiled in a number of controversial subjects such as aggressiveinvestment trading, tax avoidance schemes and close relationships with large investors in theMiddle East. However, despite worries regarding the UK financial sector Barclays Bank wasone of the few self funding operations which was not forced to go cap in hand to the UKgovernment. Many believe that Barclays Bank will emerge from the ongoing economic crisisas one of the stronger European and worldwide banking organizations trading today.

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