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The main piece of office equipment that I used is computer hardware

The main piece of office equipment that I used is computer hardware (this is the monitor, keyboard and mouse) I use the computer for many of my daily tasks including sending emails on Microsoft Outlook and also to make room bookings and update the diary systems. I also use the computer for producing documents on various Microsoft Software and using the internet/intranet to find out information. I can also use the computer to send any documents to print, which is sent to the multifunctional device.

The multifunctional device is another piece of office equipment that I use regularly. The functions of this piece of equipment include, printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing. It can be used to carry out any of these functions once your ID card has been scanned. To print the document is first sent to print from the computer, the print options are defaulted to black and white – so this must be manually changed if needed, it is also important to make sure you have the right printer selected.

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Once sent, you scan your card and it takes you to your account – then to print release documents is selected and any documents you want printed at that time you can select and print, documents can be stored on there if needed to be printed later. The scan function is used so that you have an electronic copy of a paper document it will send you a pdf to your email of the document, this can be used by selecting the ’email’ option and then placing under the copier or through the document threader – the options may have to be changed/selected if you have certain requirements e.

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g. two sided. The photocopier makes copies of a document and this can be done in the same way as the scan function, but selecting the copy function rather than email. The fax option will send a document to another machine by taking a copy and printing on the recipient’s machine. This is done similarly to the scan/copy function but you will need to add a number for the recipient – either an internal extension or an external number, for external numbers a 9 will need to be added beforehand. Another piece of equipment that I use is the telephone. The telephone is used to make and retrieve phone calls – the majority of phone calls I receive are regarding requests/changes to room bookings or from people who want to make meetings with people within the finance department. The phone has the function to hold a call which means the person at the receiving end won’t be able to hear you – which can be useful if you need to go and ask someone a question or find a person to pass the call on to. To pass the call on the transfer function is used and then an extension is entered and this will call the other phone and then once the button is pushed again the call will be passed on to the other person. There is also the option to forward all calls which will send all your phone calls to someone else’s phone, which is used when you may not be in the office, so someone can either take the call for you or take a message for you. One of the other pieces of office equipment I use is the filing cabinet; the filing cabinet is used to hold the personal files of the employees of the finance department and also the information and strategy and planning department. These filing cabinets must be kept locked at all times as they contain confidential information and it is law that this cabinet is locked at all times. Authorisation must be given before any files are removed or taken out of the cabinet and a record must be kept of any records that have been taken out/moved.

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