Outline Of Hardware And Software Package Computer Science Essay

The Plan lineation of hardware and package bundle I will be installing:

I have a program to purchase 8 different laptops for the staff members. There will be one laptop for the director 's office with higher constellation than the other 7 laptops because I will be put ining Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008.

The other 7 staff members including the field staff will besides hold their ain laptops with Windowss XP which will be connected to the waiter computing machine by equal to peer networking.

All the staff computing machines except the Manager 's computing machine will be the client computing machines on the waiter 2008 installed on the chief computing machine in Manager 's office.

I will purchase an enterprise version of window XP for utilizing the same key on multiple laptops which will cut down the cost.

I will besides put in the office battalion of REAL NZ existent estate package which is particularly designed for existent estate concern. It keeps all the records of the purchasers, interested Sellerss, databases of latest house listings and about everything which makes life easier for existent estate people.

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There is an enterprise version available for concerns for utilizing on multiple computing machines.

This is the system requirement chart for workstation staff computing machines for better dependability at work and for successfully running the REAL NZ package with my recommendations.


Minimal Requirements

Best option


Cost $


Pentium 3 or faster

I 7 processor

Dual Core 1Ghz

Incl in Package

Random-access memory

512 MB



Incl in Package

Hard disc

1024 MB

300 GB

250 GB

Incl in Package

OS Version

Windows 2000 or XP

Windows 7

Windows 7 starting motor

Incl in Package

Office Software

Microsoft office 2003

Any good existent estate package

Real NZ existent estate package

$ 699

Printer and Scanner

Inkjet Printer

HP Laser Printer

HP all in one Laser Printer and scanner

$ 199


1024*768 Resolution

16 '' HD 1280*720 P Resolution

15 '' 1280*720p LED

Incl in Package

Optical Drive

Asus drw - 22B25

Asus drw - 2014L1

Asus drw - 22B25

$ 70

Mouse and Keyboard

Cherry G85-23100

Gyration GO Pro Compact Suite

Microsoft Wireless Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000

$ 143.99

Power Protection




$ 150


Net cogwheel WGR 614

Net Gear RP 16

Net Gear RP 16

$ 50

One Laptop Package: 470.95 Entire Laptops: 8 Sum COST $ 3767.60


$ 5079.59



The processor ( CPU, for Central Processing Unit ) is the computing machine 's encephalon. It allows the processing of numeral informations, intending information entered in binary signifier, and the executing of instructions stored in memory. ( 1.1 )

The improved processor will increase the velocity of the computing machine and the staff members will be able to make their undertakings faster and the productiveness will increase. Furthermore I will necessitate to set a bigger processor as the REAL NZ package requires improved processor as lower limit demands.

Random-access memory:

Random Access Memory is used by the system to hive away informations for processing by a computing machine 's cardinal processing unit ( CPU ) , besides known as the processor.A RAM shops the informations in memory cells that are arranged in grids much like the cells are arranged in a spreadsheet, from which information, in the binary signifier of 1 's and 0 's, can be accessed and transferred at random to the processor for processing by the system 's package. ( 1.2 )

Ram needs upgrade every bit good because while the staff members will be multitasking on computing machine for better and fast service they will obliviously necessitate better random-access memory so that computing machine can get by with the work velocity.

Difficult Disk:

A difficult disc is portion of a unit, frequently called a `` disc thrust, '' `` difficult thrust, '' or `` difficult disc thrust, '' those shops and provides comparatively speedy entree to big sums of informations on an electromagnetically charged surface or set of surfaces. ( 1.3 )

A better difficult disc will increase the storage capacity of the computing machines. As the concern is turning there will be more files and records staff needs to continue for records in the computing machine so 250 GB difficult disc thrust would be plenty for immense file storage.

OS Version:

Operating system is the package which makes the computing machine hardware work. It consists of plans and informations which help to pull off computing machine hardware resources.

I choose Windowss 7 because it is the latest Windowss runing system version and supports all the latest packages and programmes and it is fast every bit good, so staff would salvage clip with faster velocity.


The package I am put ining is specialised package made for existent estate bureaus as it is designed to make different undertakings automatically which existent estate people have to make manually by utilizing Microsoft office and excel. Such as:

managerial studies ( unsettled gross revenues, conditional gross revenues, unfastened contracts, and more )

public presentation studies ( monthly public presentation, hebdomadal gross revenues activity, and more )

statement Summaries ( franchise returns, gross revenues staff statements, other agents, etc )

trust studies ( terminal of month, trust test balance, trust leger, trust rapprochement etc )

franchise describing - via REAL NZ LIVE ( 1.4 )

Printer & A ; Scanner:

The pressman would do things easier to publish studies and new house listing and all other sort of paperss which staff demand. On the other manus the scanner would assist acquiring difficult transcripts into soft transcripts easy. There is a facsimile map included every bit good in the all in one pressman so staff would be utilizing it as a facsimile machine as good.

The benefit of put ining an all in one pressman and scanner will salvage the money and will be dependable as pressman does facsimile map as good. I will be put ining the pressman on the web with the aid of Windows Server 2008 installed on Manager 's computing machine.


The intent of proctor is to expose text and artworks produced by a computing machine.

I have selected laptops for the all staff members and every individual one of them have HD led screen to back up the high artworks of the modern packages and applications.

Optical Drive:

An optical phonograph record thrust is a disc thrust that uses laser visible radiation or electromagnetic moving ridges near the light spectrum as portion of the procedure of reading or composing informations to or from optical phonograph record. ( 1.5 )

2: Benefits


First of all the company will profit from the improved information system as the productiveness will increase. The company wo n't be covering with the all manual paper work processs any longer ; instead they would be taking the benefit of the engineering.


The work environment will be better and more relaxing for the staff every bit good because utilizing the Ergonomic Key boards and mouse wo n't do them tired and by utilizing the up to day of the month package like REAL NZ will do things easier for them as it does a batch of the work automatically for them. So they do n't hold to compose up immense databases of clients in word excel.


The clients will besides profit from the new information system as if the client would necessitate information about the house listings it will be chinks off with the REAL NZ package. They will non hold to wait for all the paper work.

Company 's Image:

By supplying first-class and fast service the company would be gaining a batch more grosss and image in the community. The usage of new information system would enable the company to pass on with the clients more expeditiously every bit good which would increase client satisfaction.


First of all the difficult discs of the computing machines have been updated and they have more storage country now. Furthermore the most of import alteration is the server external storage system. I will put the waiter to direct all the files on difficult discs of the computing machines to an external media every eventide at 5 autopsy which will be ready to hand if any information losingss on computing machines we can reconstruct it from the dorsum up.


The new information system consists of latest engineering laptops with 802.11b/g/n WLAN ; Integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN ( RJ-45 connection ) WIFI engineering which enables a really fast cyberspace connexions. Therefore, the communicating will besides better every bit good and the staff will be able to reach the clients more expeditiously. Every staff will hold their ain laptops which would be much dependable than holding one computing machine for the whole company.

Business chances:

Information systems play a critical function in the e-business and e-commerce operations, endeavor coaction and direction, and strategic success of concerns that must run in an cyberspace worked planetary environment. Therefore, the field of information systems has become a major functional country of concern disposal. ( 1.6 )

Updated: May 19, 2021
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