omparison between various software package and systems available

Brief comparison between various software package and systems available in the market.

First and foremost, it is very significant point to understand what is data base mining, so specified purpose of this technology is that discovering the pattern for available convoluted and large volumes of data and supreme transformation of it in convenient/actionable information with use of features such as algorithms, mathematical analysis, artificial intelligence systems to obtain information from gigantic source of data and greater modification aiming for future use.

In the market plenty of software available but not every software is that much effective so top trending 15 software comparison is given below:

Sr. No. Software Features

1. Sisense Eye-grabbing visualization,

  • Intuitive 'script-less' user interface,
  • Drag-and-drop user interface,
  • Data unification,

2. Oracle Data Mining Predictive analytic software

  • Active data guard
  • Advanced analytics, compression, security,
  • Database in-Memory and vault
  • Label security and management packs

3. RapidMiner Analysis processes design

-D graphs, scatter matrices, self-organizing map

  • Big Data predictive analytics
  • Remote analysis processing
  • RapidMiner Radoop add-on
  • RapidMiner Streams add-on

CConnect to Apache Kafka and Amazon SQS

4. Microsoft SharePoint Improved SharePoint Framework Support

  • OneDrive Synchronization with the new OneDrive client
  • Improved Hybrid app launcher
  • PowerApps and Flow integration
  • Power BI Report Server Integration

5. IBM Cognos Smart search works in context

  • Data models can be automatically generated based on keywords
  • Single interface to create ad hoc or pixel perfect reports, frees up IT
  • Data protected with layers of permissions, authentication, and history
  • Report integrity maintained regardless of range of inputs across business

6. KNIME Big Data Extensions

  • Data Blending
  • Tool blending
  • Metanode linking
  • Local automation
  • Workflow difference
  • powerful analytics

7. Dundas BI Customize Dashboards

  • Re-visualizing and Data-brushing
  • Sparkline
  • Indicators, Diagrams
  • Mobile Apps

8. Board Server Clustering

  • Multi-language and HTML 5
  • Single logical view of corporate data
  • Drill back to source systems and analytical functions
  • Real time modeling and multi-user concurrent data entry
  • Advanced data entry, ERP database write-back, simulation, reverse algorithm, commentary and file attachment

9. Orange Open source: Add-ons extend functionality

10. SAP Business Objects Ad-Hoc analysis and Reporting

  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Predictive analysis
  • Trend indicators
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting

11. Salesforce Analytics Cloud Einstein Analytics SDK

  • Natural-language answers, explanations, and recommendations
  • Einstein Smart Data Transformations
  • Self-Contained Data Storage
  • 100M data rows and processing
  • External data connectors
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Embedded analytics

12. DOMO Flexible business data connection options and integration

  • Project management
  • Buzz communication & messaging platform
  • Appstore App bundles designed by third party developers

13. SPSS Modeler Visual analysis streams

  • A range of algorithmic methods
  • Text analytics

Geospatial analytics14. Limestats Detailed Analytics & Metrics

  • Product Level Insights
  • Groups Duplicate Titles
  • Data-Driven Strategy
  • Identify best sale price
  • Monitor Promotions and Resellers

15. AtomLynx Insights Engine One click uploads of data files

  • Unlimited access to support
  • Data security
Updated: May 19, 2021
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