Graphics software package

There are other devices such as Plotters, Sound/voice, LEDs, Switches and lastly Actuators. SOFTWARE: Software is the general name for programs that are suitable for a range of purposes, from writing a letter to controlling a set of traffic lights. There are five particular software applications that are used widely in business. The marketing department uses. Desktop Publishing Software package (DTP) . Word-processing Software Package . Graphics Software Package . Browser Software Package . Web Authoring Software Package Desktop Publishing Software package (DTP).

DTP program allows users to look at the page of the document as a whole and design the layout by marking areas for text and graphics.

DTP software is used to build professional looking pages-ones that are good enough to be published. This is one of the best packages used for the jobs the marketing department does. Examples of documents produced using DTP software include newsletters, newspapers, leaflets and posters but there are loads of others aswell The DTP software usually lets the user create text and simple pictures-but is often works best when the source material is created in other specialized software.

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(E. g. a word processor or a graphics package) and then imported into the DTP package. The DTP has three main benefits for the marketing department as you can create very professional-looking documents even with relatively inexpensive DTP packages. But the quality of the printed document is often limited by the quality of the printer. The layout of the document can be changed more easily using a DTP than a word processor.

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And lastly the user can control the number of pages more easily than when using a word processor.

If there are too many words for a page in word processor, it will normally create a new page automatically-however the DTP software will usually just not display the text. A DTP also has pages, which are built up as series of frames -text frames containing text, graphics frames containing images and so on. It’s the Frames that really make the DTP software more powerful than a word processor for some tasks. Word-processing Software Package A Word processor can be used to write letters, reports, essays, projects, memos, curriculum Vitae, theses- in fact, any form of written. Word Processing actually does more than he name says.

A Word processor is a one of the other best packages the marketing department uses, as it includes four benefits such as written documents and documents produced using a typewrite share the same problem-once created they cant easily be altered. Word processors changed all that, and other things too… as text can processed easily, appearance can be changed (text formatting) and content can be changed too (text editing). The text can be saved and reused, also professional -looking documents can created as you can improve the appearance of document with graphics and text formatting.

This sort of package is very useful for the marketing department nevertheless there are more advanced features in word-processing, which include; >Headers and footers, (good for multi-page documents) >Search and replace (enables you to find specifies words etc. ) >Spell/Grammar-Checking (help to improve the quality of your written communication) >Mail merge (lets you send personalised letters combining standard letters) >Templates (often used for business documents)-very good for marketing >Macros (to run routine operations-sequence of commands-much faster and easier)

> Import (import information from other applications) Graphics Software Package You could draw simple images using a word processor, but for exceedingly looking results, you need to use graphics software. There are different types of images and how they can be created. Images are stored as either BITMAP or VECTOR data. There are two types of graphics software, which the marketing department use for a much more complex- quality image, which makes advertising much more striking aswell as very challenging, creating lot more of a competition around them. The two types are 1) PIXEL-BASED software (painting)

2) VECTOR-BASED software (drawing) The PIXEL-BASED helps to edit images, which u basically alters each dot individually. This file is called a bitmap. The OBJECT-BASED helps to edit manipulating objects. Where you can stretch and twist them, colour them and a lot more with the series of tools. The marketing department can also input existing images, or even create their own. Lastly, Graphics software could even use computer-aided design (CAD). The CAD is used by manufacturers and engineers to create computerised designs of objects which they will then build a CAD is usually vector-based software.

(2) ICT Department This is the department where it uses the whole system to process in the sports centre Hardware; The ICT department deals with two computers. One is called the file server which is the main computer connected to the server, which can control what the other computer can do, and stores all records from the other computer. And the other computer is used for the own records and own databases, which is connected to the file server. Input An input device is any hardware, which is used to enter data into the computer system.

An input device would include devices such as the Keyboard, which is the most common way of entering data into a computer. Another input device would include the Mouse, scanners, an OCR, OMR, Video Digitiser, Speech or voice input, MIDI, and lastly LDRs. A storage device retains its contents when the computer is switched off and is used to hold programs and data. All computers have some form of hard storage. The ICT department uses the backing storage (also known as the secondary storage), which is any data-storage area outside the CPU.

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