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My Use of Office Equipment at the Workplace

Gives you a home screen that gives you short cuts and easier access to systems and files on the computer. Franking machine-
Gives you the option to select the type of letter and the class you want to send it.
1.3 Explain why different types of equipment are chosen for task. Different types of equipment are chosen for different tasks because each piece of equipment is specific to each task that is being done. For example the scanner if specific to filing documents on to the system where as the printer to be specific to printing any documents that are needed in paper form.

Understanding the purpose of following instructions and health and safety procedures.
2.1 Explain the purpose of following manufacturer’s instructions when using equipment. To ensure your using the equipment properly and prevent the equipment from breaking sooner than expected. They are also important because they tell the user what to do to be able to operate the equipment correctly.

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Also they tell the user what to do and the precise steps to take if the equipment breaks down.
2.2 explain the purpose of following organisational instructions when using equipment Organisational instructions are specific to your company and will usually set out the company’s rules for operating various pieces of equipment. For example, organisational instruction will state: Who is allowed to operate certain types of equipment

Whether any authorisation is needed.
Who must be informed of any equipment breakdowns.
Who is allowed to undertake technical repairs to equipment.

2.3 Identify health and safety procedures for using different types of equipment.

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When using the computer you must make sure that the cables are not trailing across the floor where someone might trip over them, also when using the computer you must have a chair that suit yours needs. It’s important that the chair adjust to your height and also the backrest must be able to adjust also to prevent cramp and avoid backache. Another example would be when using the shredder machine you must make sure your fingers don’t go near the mouth of the shredder. Also if there was a jam in the shredder make sure to turn the machine off and UN plug the machine.

Another example would be when using the laminator machine make sure you supervise the machine as it gets very hot and can be dangerous and could set on fire. Also make sure you turn the machine of properly after you have used it otherwise it may break and catch fire and create serious damage to the practice. 2.4 Explain the purpose of following health and safety procedures when using equipment. The purpose of following health and safety procedures is to prevent any injuries from occurring. If these procedures are not followed it could lead to both short term and long term health issues. Health and safety procedures are there to protect you at work. They are designed to make sure that you do not suffer injuries while carrying out your work.

2.5 Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean and hygienic. When using equipment, it is important to keep it clean and hygienic which means free from dirt, germs and bacteria. For example, food and drink should be kept well away from any equipment in anything gets knocked over and causes damage. Also by keeping equipment clean makes it last longer and stays in better condition. By keeping equipment hygienic is important especially if another colleague is going to use the same equipment therefore stops the spread of infection.

Understand how to use equipment in a way that minimises waste
3.1 give examples of waste when using equipment
An example of waste when using equipment would be printing more than you need or not printing double sided. Another example of waste when using equipment would be leaving equipment (such as computers) switched on overnight or when not in use.
3.2 Give examples of ways to reduce waste

Print double sided when printing to save paper.
Use scrap paper to make notes instead of unused paper.
Recycle e.g. cardboard boxes, paper, plastics etc.
Print preview/ spell check before printing so save having to reprint documents.
3.3 Explain the purpose of minimising waste
The purpose of minimising waste is to reduce our carbon footprint and to help global warming and also by minimising waste you save money. We are currently producing too much waste and need to take urgent steps to reduce this, either by cutting down on what we use or recycling whatever we can. Know about the different types of problems that may occur when using equipment and how to deal with them
4.1 Give examples of equipment problems (problems)

The toner cartridge runs out.
Paper jam in the printer.
The computer may crash and you have unsaved work.
The computer will not connect to the internet.
The computer may start running very slow.

4.3 Give examples of how to deal with problems (solution)
Replace the toner cartridge.
Use the organisational instructions to tell you step by step how to UN jam the printer. Save your work every 10-15 minutes to ensure that if the computer crashes again most of your work or all of your work will be saved onto the computer. Your computer may need to be reconnected to the internet.

Your computer can run slow for a number of different reason for example to may have too much going on at once therefore contact a IT technician of an IT specialist as you don’t want to risk breaking the computer.

Understand the purpose of meeting work standards and deadlines when using equipment
5.1 Explain the purpose of meeting work standards and deadlines when using equipment Standards- It is important that you produce your work to the best possible standard in order to meet the requirements of the person who set you the task. This shows that you are responsible and trustworthy and that you can be relied upon to get things done. The purpose of meeting deadlines when using equipment is so you save time and money.

Deadlines are important to all staff as they tell them when things need to be completed in order that the business can meet its targets. Understand the purpose of leaving equipment and the work area ready for the next user
6.1 Explain the purpose of leaving equipment and the work area ready for the next user Whenever you finish using office equipment it is important that you leave the work area exactly as you found it, for example, Not leaving any mess lying around.

Not leaving the work area in such a way that someone else has to clear up after you before they can begin using the equipment.

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