Office Equipment and System

Office Equipment


Firstly, boot up the computer and wait for few seconds. You are requested to log in your personal user id.

Warning and Cautions

After used, need to logged out to prevent someone from misused. Do not reveal your user ID.


Need to update the system, update software and clean the hardware at an authorize computer shops and always change user ID every 6 months.


First, plug in power cable and make sure it is turned on. Then, connect the USB cable to the computer.

Next, make sure the settings, ink printer and paper available are correct and do a print test.

Warning and Cautions

Do not cover the opening printer’s cabinet. Do not insert any objects at the slots. Be careful not to spill the liquids on the printer. We have to connect all the cable properly.


To maintain the printer, there are 10 top steps. First, the printer head should always be cleaned. Then, purify the insides.

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Always check beneath the hood of the printer. Choosing the right refill for the cartridge is also important for the printer. When you’re changing or cleaning the cartridge we have to always be careful and replace the cartridge before it prior to drying. Next, always turned off your printer if you won’t use it for a long time. Every printer must download the latest drivers. Always keep the printer’s manual safe because you will be needing it for the future. Finally, use your printer on a regular basis.

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Telephonic equipment

Connect to the telephone line and it is only used for office.

Warning and Cautions

Do not place the phone near your body. Avoid using your mobile phone when high levels of RF energy are sent out. Don’t sleep in your bed or close to your head with your phone.


First, plug in power cable and make sure it is turned on. Then, connect the USB cable to the computer. Next, make sure the settings and paper available are correct and do a scan test.

Warning and Cautions

Always, unplugged if not in use for a long time. Connect all the cable properly.

Need to clean every once a month. Before starting cleaning, make sure the scanner is turned off and unplug all the cable away from the scanner. Need to be careful when cleaning the glass surface. Clean the surface with small amount of glass cleaner and soft cloth.

Fax Machine

First, connect to a power source and to a working phone jack. Make sure it is turned on. Check the availability of paper and ink.

Warning and Cautions

Need to configure the fax machine so that no copies of the information you have sent will be saved. If using a traditional fax machine, important to program or frequently used numbers to prevent faxes from being sent to the wrong recipients.

Office Systems

Diary systems ( Paper-based and Electronic )

Paper-based – it is a book or journal where it will filled the date, time and schedules directly.

Electronic – Power on and type date, time and schedules.

Warning and Cautions

Paper-based – The paper can be lost due to dropout

Electronic – If the documents or data is lost or deleted cannot be recovered


Telephone Systems

First, connect to the telephone and it is only used for office.

  • Warning and Cautions
  • Maintenance


Assess the importance of having procedures for using office equipment and systems when providing business and administration support

A procedure is the manual leaflet of a user used when purchasing a new machine or goods. To recognize what the good is being used for, specify what to do with it, discuss the alternative, demonstration safety procedures including warning and caution. ‘Receiving procedures to help everyone to know the job requirement without using a ‘ memorization ‘ formula is really vital for finance and administration assistance, as main points are very well demonstrated in written rules and procedures. Rules and regulations make the workforce fully comprehend the duties of individuals and teams while at the same time-saving time and resources. Employees on the same segment will easily get the word “accepted” about how to handle their work.

In first, the advantages are also the strength of the procedure. Having the procedure is to save time and resources so the supervisor does not have to monitor the employees. The procedure lists the explanation as to how what but that you have to take some action. Working faster and safer by allowing the production managers to exercise control by using the equipment or systems more productively.Making it easier to read to easily adopt a clear and direct response to list all the procedure. You will get more detailed information about the safety reasons for the equipment or systems and the approach to reducing ‘ different techniques. ‘

The disadvantages are the weakness of having the procedure. When there is no other electricity supply, the equipment or systems will not be powered on and can not be used in an emergency situation. Both the equipment and systems will be damaged even after a long period of use. So we really may also need a skilled professional technician as we recently purchased the equipment from the shop to help us install the system and, of course, to operate it then.


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