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The Lion Dance

The Lion Dance is among the most popular dances in China. Called the king of animals, the lion is a standard symbol of all the best in China. The dance has a long history extending back 2000 years. Records reveal that during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Lion Dance was currently performed for the royal family.When is the Lantern festival occassions, people often organize lion dance to contribute to the enjoyable. If well carried out, the lion dance is belived to bring luck and happiness.

Chinese New Year During the Chinese New Year, groups of lions perform from door to door at homes or offices. The lion performance the “Choosing the greens” 菜青 to usher an advantageous new year. The lion during such efficiencies are also connected with Nian 年, the legendary creature who is scared away with firecrackers and red color throughout the Chinese New year.

Welcoming a VIP The Lions are typically invited to welcome a VIP or important invitee at a banquet or meeting.

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When the drum or gongs begin playing, it signifies the technique of the VIP. The lion dance performance begins when the VIP alights from his automobile or appears at the front gate. The lions accompany the VIP from the arrival indicate the VIP table or the phase. Such welcome events are used in both traditional celebrations in addition to by corporations to provide foreign visitors a fascinating and unique experience.

Ground breaking ceremony /Opening ceremony Lion dance performances are also found at ground breaking ceremonies of buildings and institutions.

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The performances create a joyous mood for an important and significant occasion.In this function, lion dances witness and usher many important occasions and events of a society.

Festive /religious events During major religious events, lion dance performances are arranged for ritual purposes and also to create a festive and joyous mood. These events quickly attract people around the area especially tourists and children to enjoy the performance. In Chinatowns around the world, the lion dance is always associated with Chinese New Year celebration.See also, Lion dance, firecrackers during Dragon Boat Festival in Bintan,Indian.

Public performance Lion dance groups are also invited to performance at tourist destinations or night markets. Lion dance performances are very effective in drawing crowds and in creating a festive or joyous mood since performances are often associated with happy events.

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The Lion Dance

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